18 February 2004

Lucy Lawless talks BOOGEYMAN

FANGORIA caught up with Lucy (XENA) Lawless and asked her about her role in BOOGEYMAN, the upcoming Screen Gems release produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert (Lawless' husband). It's the first in a series of horror films Raimi and Tapert are shepherding via their Ghost House production arm of Senator International; its second project, THE GRUDGE, recently began shooting in Japan.

"I did that three months ago," Lawless says of BOOGEYMAN. "I've got to stop doing favors, but it was my husband who asked me if I wanted to play a drug-addicted mother who gives up custody of her son, which causes some problems later on. He sees the boogeyman as an adult. He thinks it's the mother's fault, but there are other things going on. It was a very small part, but interesting and fun to play, but then I wasn't available for reshoots. It won't hit the cutting room floor, but it'll be small."

When you see BOOGEYMAN, however, don't look to recognize the actress from her XENA days. "They aged me up, actually," Lawless reports. "You see me in flashback as the drug-addicted mother, but then you see me shortly before my death and after death, so I did have on an awful lot of prosthetics. I thought it was just awful. I have so much respect for people like Eddie Murphy and other folks who wore them day in and day out on all those shows. It's really torture and hard psychologically to cope with that stuff for me. You can't move right or breathe right."

As for whether another Ghost House movie may be in her future, Lawless is guardedly optimistic. "I would love to work with Rob again, but it's important for me to do something without him to avoid people saying, 'The only person who'll hire you is your husband!' " she laughs. "So, I'm testing the waters."