Sexy Career Strategies


23 February 2004

Actresses Michelle Trachtenberg and Lucy Lawless look to Eurotrip to help them reshape the respective legacies of Buffy and Xena.

By Larry Carroll

...If Trachtenberg is looking for some career advice, she need look no further than co-star Lucy Lawless, who plays the painfully beautiful Madame Vandersexxx in the movie. After six years as Xena: Warrior Princess, she also is trying to carve out a career beyond what her fans expect.

“The warrior princess roles just don’t stop coming,” the stunningly beautiful 5’1’’ actress laughs. “No, that’s a lie, but they do want me to do action, that’s for sure. They want me to be in outer space, they want me to be killing vampires, and I had to tell them recently that I’m just done with the gods and monsters stuff. All I want to do is comedy, that’s what I love.”

Both actresses love comedy, in fact, and so they came to the Eurotrip set to be under the command of not one, not two, but three directors. Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer have worked together in television for thirteen years and are so single-minded that they often finish each other’s sentences.

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Photo by Christina Radish