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29 March 2004

Posted on Mon, Mar. 29, 2004

Horoscope Jeraldine Saunders

BIRTHDAY GAL: Lucy Lawless was born on this day in 1968, in Auckland, New Zealand, and was the star of the long-running TV series ``Xena: Warrior Princess.'' As the mythological Xena, she set an example of
athletic prowess for young girls all over the world. The former Miss New Zealand first played the role of Xena in several ``Hercules'' made- for- TV movies.


IF MARCH 29 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY . . . you are blessed with wisdom, a responsible nature and the ability to be generous and charitable. Today is a particularly good time for you to seal crucial relationships and make ties that will last. Providence will provide you with whatever you really need and protect you from troubles. Use this time to set goals and formulate plans for the future.


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