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Lucy Lawless - Guest Judge

commentary by IdolBlog and Lucy Quotes by akl82

2 May 2004

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Top 3 Show Live Commentary by Idolblog and Lucy Quotes by akl82

Tonight's an 80's theme night.. what will the fashion be like? Well Dom comes on in with an interesting outfit... badges, vest and bright shirt with a spiky hairdo.

"Dominic introduced this week's guest judge, Lucy Lawless ('Xena: Warrior Princess'), who said it was incredibly difficult for each of the contestants to take a genre each week and put their own spin on it, but she said the final three were all fantastic performers."

There's a great clip of the Idols in at The Edge earlier this week (to read all about the interivew go
here). Of course, you won't hear anything about IdolBlog - that would have been edited out :) The funniest bit is mocking Camillia for the number of times she says "Thank you" to the judges. "First up tonight is the man who last week showed he can rock with the best of them" - Ben. He'll be singing "Power of Love" (Huey Lewis), made famous by the Back to the Future movie. Ben says he's a bit shocked at what's happened to him and is loving it. He sounds great and is really grooving tonight. (He's wearing an 80's suit, white leather belt and pink shirt.) I'm really impressed with Ben's performance.

Lucy: "I suspect you've even got something else in reserve - awesome performance."

Camillia says she's getting used to being in the bottom 2, it's very scary. She realised she picked too many slow songs. She's surprised she's still there. Camillia wants to leave knowing she did a good job. She's picked "I want to know what love is". She's wearing a black dress with a hideous pink ribbon tied around her waist.. the dress looks good on her though. She hits the notes but I'm a little bored in the performance.

Lucy: "Just tell the truth in your song."

See Lee Mei (sp?) behind Lucy Lawless?

Michael is the only guy who hasn't been the in the bottom 2 now. Well it wasn't temporary red dye in Michael's hair! He says he's grown up a lot and has taken on a lot. He has no clue what will happen after Idol, he doesn't want to fizzle out in a couple of years. He's singing "Should I stay or should I go" by The Clash. Nice slide across the stage on his knees. Check out the Boy George (?) outfit. It's quite a repetitive song but he's doing his rock style very well. It's a safe song for him.

Lucy: "I'd be president of the world if I had your balls."

Dom welcomes us back and we get to see some of the past auditions... oh dear. My ears! How many times have we seen these people? Surely there's got to be some new bad ones from the auditions... Fiona's facials are classic. Those poor people.

Ben's second song is "Rhythm of the night" from 1985. He's wearing a black striped Adidas tracksuit and some bling bling. He has his dance moves out again tonight. Check out the girls screaming! Classic. Ben's totally come out of his shell and pulls out the dance moves again, impressive. I thought he was going to breakdance for a second there. He unzips his jacket to show a black vest and the girls go wild.

Lucy: "That rocked!"

Ben says he's coming out of his shell, and if he makes the grand final he'll bring it even more.

Dom introduces Camillia's son in the audience and says for her to try her best. We get to see a fun clip (Robin singing 'Blame it on the Boogie'!) of behind the scenes on NZ Idol.

Camillia's second song is 'How will I know' by Whitney Houston. She's wearing a black off the shoulder top, pink fingerless gloves and a short green frilly skirt (there was a name for those skirts in the 80's but I've forgotten...ooh I remember, ra ra skirt!) and black knee length bike pants underneath. Definitely better than her first song. She goes into the audience and dances around.

Lucy: "You pulled that one out of the fire... you're a huge star."

Camillia didn't think she'd get this far. She thanks her supporters and family.

Finally we have Michael singing 'Angel of Harlem' by U2. I'm a big U2 fan so it'll be interesting to see if he does Bono justice. He's wearing a grey suit with a tie-dyed t-shirt underneath (white sneakers). His voice has improved over the weeks but this song isn't doing anything for me though - no magic moment like when Ben performed.

Lucy: Another ten years and you're just gonna be a world beater. You're great now but you're really going to be something.

Michael says it's been such a huge experience for him, thanking his supporters and family.

We get a final recap of their performances tonight.