Final Three Contest for NZ Idol

(New Zealand News)

2 May 2004

The competition is heating up as the final three contestants in New Zealand Idol vie for the title.

Sunday night's TV2 show saw Camillia, Ben and Michael sing to an 80s theme in front of guest judge Lucy Lawless.

NZ Idol judge Frankie Stevens says he doesn't like to anticipate who will be leaving the show Monday night, but says all contestants are of a high standard.

He says Ben would be the contestant who has improved the most during his time in the competition.

Stevens says whoever wins the New Zealand Idol competition will take part in the World Idol at the end of this year.

He says the contestants wouldn't normally have the opportunity to perform before the public if it weren't for New Zealand Idol.

A website dedicated to New Zealand Idol, idolblogdotcom, shows Camillia is the least favourite of the remaining contestants.