Visimag Film Bytes

20 February 2004

LUCY LAWLESS (Madame Vandersexxx):
“My agent rang up and said, ‘These guys want you to do this movie in Prague,’ and when I knew what they had done in the past and that it was a comedy, I said, ‘Absolutely, I’ll do it.’ And then I read the role (a dominatrix) and went, ‘What the hell have I done?’ But I love extreme characters, so it was fine with me.”

“They sent me around with this latex designer in London to look for my costume. He took me to a place called Rubber World. They said, ‘Come out to the back and we’ll show you our good stuff.’ And I got out in the back, and I thought, ‘What kind of film do they think I’m making?’ They thought I was a porn actress!”

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