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31 March

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30 March

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Xenaverse News

The following is from Mike from the Swedish magazine "Slice"

A Swedish Xenabook written by Michael Eriksson and Eva Hamberg, dealing with the full story of the show and sporting an extensive episode guide, will now see the light of day as two packed magazines in limited edition (500 copies). Books about tv-shows are unheard of in Sweden and no publishing house would take the book in fear of failure, although many of them appreciated the work. The first edition of "Xena - Den svenska episodguiden" ("Xena - The Swedish Episode Guide") will be released by Mike Eriksson in June. The price is set very low and anybody in Sweden that buys it before August will get a copy of the current issue of SLICE free (which sports a picture of Lucy Lawless on the cover). An ad will be printed within two months in a major publication called Widescreen. Mike is a writer for the magazine and could trade articles for advertising space. The first edition has eight chapters on the show plus the episode information on seasons 1 and 2. The second edition, due out next year, will sport the remaining four seasons of the show.
Information in Swedish about the project with previews from episode guides -
Related story with preview from second edition episode guide -

Images: Widescreen Xena Advert and the cover of Swedish Episode Guide

29 March

Happy 36th Birthday to Lucy!

Click on the thumbnail to view Lucia's wonderful artwork wishing Lucy a happy birthday from little Xena and Gabrielle!



Lucy News / Ausxip Print Archive


The Toronto Star 28 March 2004 has a small mention of Lucy in relation to an upcoming stage show based on Wagner's Ring Cycle. The reference to Lucy is because of Xena's Ring Trilogy of Season 6 - there is also a funky image to go with the article which I found amusing :)

No one would call Lucy Lawless a Wagnerian soprano, but Xena: Warrior Princess had her own Ring Cycle in Season 6. The three, one-hour episodes were called The Rheingold, The Ring and The Return Of The Valkyrie.

Click here to read entire article on the Toronto Star Site
Many thanks to Barbara for the info

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28 March

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Just Shoot Me - Repeat

Totally Gayer - Repeat

27 March

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Eurotrip News

Pre-order from



Dreamworks Home Entertainment / Universal Studios have announced the Region 1 DVD and NTSC Video release of Eurotrip for 1st June 2004 with a retail price of $26.99 ( have it at $18.89 (DVD) and $19.99 (Video)

There will be 3 separate editions of this racy teen comedy released with the 'R Rated' Theatrical Cut getting a Full Screen only release and the one-minute longer 'Unrated' cut arriving in separate anamorphic widescreen and full screen editions.

Features on all three editions include:

The 'R' Rated edition also features Hilarious Deleted Scenes while the Unrated editions boast the following exclusives...


25 March

Lucy News

Lucy was to attend the premiere of Katherine Fugate's film "The Prince & Me" in Hollywood on the 28th March 2004 but is now not available because Lucy has flown back (or is flying back) to New Zealand.

Lucy will be attending the upcoming Women in Film and Television International Summit 2004 in New Zealand : April 21 - 24, 2004 at the Carlton Hotel, Auckland (according to the WIFTI website).
For more information about this event go to:


24 March

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2004 Xena Con



Xena CD, DVD & Video News

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Images contributed by Gerry

23 March

Lucy News


The following is from Kiwi Attic

Lucy on the front page of this issue of the Canvas. This is a massive 28cm x 33cm front cover and discusses the pitfalls of celebrity endorsements for charities. Lucy is of course a charities dream having her support however there are others who lend their name to causes that does not suit themselves or the charity and is often detrimental to the cause. The article eludes to Lucy's work with the Starship and her frequent visit without the cameras which many stars demand to further their "goodwill" and image. A great pic and article of the issue of celebrity endorsements! 
To order the magazine US$5+shipping
Shipping on this magazine is US$8.00 boxed.

If you would like a copy of this Lift Out please email them on
or go to their secure order form at has a review of the documentary "Totally Gayer" that Lucy narrated. The following bit relates to Lucy's role:

S.T.A.G.E. Benefit News


Lucy TV Alerts

Reminder for Aussie Fans

Just Shoot Me
The Auction

24 March 2004 at 2:30 pm Channel 10 will air Just Shoot Me with Lucy's appearance "The Auction"

Reminder for US fans

Totally Gayer - Documentary narrated by Lucy about sexuality in the 21st Century
Channel VH1 will be repeated on:
23 March 2004 - 1:00 PM
24 March 2004 - 5:00 PM
25 March 2004 - 2:00 PM
25 March 2004 - 7:00 PM
27 March 2004 - 6:30 PM

The X-Files
Nothing Important Happened Today, Part 1 & 2
Wed Mar 24 12:00A TNT- Turner Television

20 March

Lucy News

Received the following information from Ken, Event Producer of the REAF Benefit about donating if you are unable to attend and supporting Lucy:

If you want to donate and you can't be at the concert, REAF has added a ticket order form to the site.

The donation can be made "in honour of Lucy Lawless" in the "List My name as..." section. Right now those orders would need to be faxed in 415-282-5492 or 00111 415-282-5492 (from Australia) and credit card information is included in the order form.

In the next couple of weeks, REAF plan to have  secure online ticketing in place with the same options.

Download Ticket Order Form

Ausxip Article Archive


We missed out on having a new planet being called Xena...what a shame, that would have been just too perfect.

19 March

Lucy News

Lucy to appear at the The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation - Help Is On the Way X Broadway and All That Jazz - 10th Anniversary Gala / Benefit Concert

From a report on the Official Xena Fan Club / STAGE section, Lucy revealed she was invited to participate in the the Aids Project show in San Francisco, and she had accepted.

Updated info about the SF Aids Benefit

Help Is On the Way X - Broadway And All That Jazz
Monday, August 2, 2004

The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre


  • BAY (Bay Area Young) Positives
  • Center for AIDS Services
  • Meals of Marin
  • New Leaf Services for Our Community
  • UCSF AIDS Health Project
  • Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS

For tickets and information call 415 273 1620

Gala Show & Reception: $150 up

  • Gala pre-show reception featuring complimentary hor d'oeuvers by top Bay Area restaurants & caterers, wine and spirit bar and extensive silent auction
  • Preferred seating for performance
  • Post-performance champagne and dessert party with the cast

Performance Only: $75

To request an invitation, email us at For more information:



20th Annual STAGE Fund Raiser Information Section


The following is from Sharon Delaney

Lucy signed a fan club kit 1-4 and a kit 6 and a photo to be auctioned off for S.T.A.G.E. -- the charity she did the benefit for last weekend.

Official Xena Fan Club



18 March

20th Annual STAGE Fund Raiser Information Section

The following note is from Jackie who received this note from the Events Manager for S.T.A.G.E.

Thanks so much for your kind words and generous support.....without the support of lucy's fan, our event simply would not have done as well!!!....I hope she's available the 2nd weekend in march 2005 again to do our show....put the word out there for us and maybe she'll block out some time in her calendar....

shawn :))


Many thanks to those who have contributed their photos to the site. If you would like to add your photos of the event to the photo section please email me at




17 March

20th Annual STAGE Fund Raiser Information Section


Program Guide Images

Xena DVD News

Region 1 Seasons 4-6 News from Anchor Bay Enterternaiment

XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (Seasons 4 thru 6)
Produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, this spinoff from HERCULES has managed to carve its own massive following and this year we will have the remaining seasons hitting DVD beginning in June. Extras will include commentary tracks with star Lucy Lawless as well as new cast & crew interviews and other exciting features to be announced.

and more about the Season 4 DVD Extras....

I received a note from Bret Rudnick, Director, HERC/XENA DVD Extra material, in Auckland, New Zealand with more info about the Season 4 DVD and the extras:

Just to let you know, the inventory of what you listed regarding the
interview/commentary content of the XENA Season 4 DVD set is not
complete.  What is listed only includes the footage that was shot in Los
Angeles, not what we shot in Auckland, which would add significantly to
the content.  Although I directed the Auckland shoots, I don't have the
authority to say what the final content will be because that is still
being determined.  Yes we had a list of what was wanted for each episode
of Season 4, 5, and 6, but until the final layout is complete and
editing is finished, we don't know what the final content will be and I
wouldn't want to give false hope to people who were counting on a
particular item making the "final" list and then have it cut for time.
Given the volume of footage shot, some of it will certainly not make the
final cut.  You'll get the "best" of what's available, but I know XENA
and HERC die-hard mega-fans are like sponges and will absorb as much
material as possible!  But at the moment, I don't know what the final
answer is.

Best regards,
Bret Rudnick
Director, HERC/XENA DVD Extra material, Auckland, New Zealand


16 March

Xena DVD News

Season 4 is now available to Pre-Order From Price is $48.99 with a release date of June 15, 2004. If you buy from and you are from the US or ship to a US address there is free shipping.

There will be 6 disks - click here to view a list of interviews by Lucy, Renee & the rest of the cast, directors and writers.

The list is not complete - there will be more interviews that will be announced before the release

Lucy Multimedia


I received a nice email from Tim of The Inside Reel - a TV show in the US alerting me to a great Lucy interview they have on their site and it's quite funny - Lucy at her best.

Xena herself Lucy Lawless talks to The Inside Reel about shooting in Prague, beautiful models, slapping around her co-stars and her good girl intentions in regards to her new film, Eurotrip
it's 12 mb in size in mov format


Many thanks to Angie for these sound files & Videos


Screengrabs - TV Shows/Movies

Lucy TV Updates

The X-Files
Nothing Important Happened Today II, Part 2
Doggett's (Robert Patrick) ongoing search for clues puts his life in jeopardy; Reyes (Annabeth Gish) continues to battle the FBI while keeping an eye on Assistant Director Follmer (guest star Cary Elwes); Scully's (Gillian Anderson) baby exhibits signs of being extraordinary. Lucy Lawless guest stars.
Mon Mar 15 03:00A WGN- WGN Cable Superstation

Xenaverse News

Rittenhouse will be releasing a new set of Xena Cards: Xena: Art of Women and Warriors due for released October 2004. No further details are available as yet.
Many thanks to Jenn for the news

For Aussies

Channel 7 is running Mutant X featuring Victoria Pratt who played Cyane (The leader of the Amazons in the episodes Adventures in the Sin Trade) at 1:30 AM Wednesday morning.
Many thanks to Mark for the info

15 March

Lucy News

20th Annual STAGE Fund Raiser Information Section

Added Photos section to the STAGE Information Section

Early reports from those attending the 20th Annual STAGE Fund Raiser was that Lucy was great and she sang "Love Changes Everything". Reports and hopefully pictures coming soon.


Lucy Store

Lucy in X-Files

Lucy Videos

I received a great suggestion this past week that I've decided to take it on board. Since Xena ended and the re-runs have been shown on Oxygen in the US and Foxtel in Australia, we've been getting more new fans joining the Xenaverse. So those newbies would not have read some of the absolute classic fanfic that have been created in the last 9 years. Every week I'll be showcasing a story - either classic, uber, conqueror, clonefic, or post fin fic. All types of fanfic.

I'm always open to brib...ahem..I mean suggestions for the Story of the Week <g>

This week's story is: Nor The Battle To The Strong - Part 1 All Through The Night
This story is absolute CLASSIC written by Rebekah. Rebekah passed away a few years ago but her story remains to entertain Xenites the world over. It's one of the first stories written when Xena fanfic was in it's infancy and it remains one of the best stories out there. It's a hurt/comfort tale that explores the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle (no subtext) and that is the basis of the entire show - the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle.

13 March

The 20th Annual Stage Fund Raiser begins today in LA until the 14th March. Break a leg, Lucy!

Lucy Articles



Ausxip News Archive

Xenaverse News

German Xena News

The wait is over for German fans - Season 6 will be shown for the first time. Due to some legal problems, the German fans haven't been able to see the final season until now. The season will also be translated into German. The first epsiode of Season Six, "Fast wieder daheim" ("Coming Home") will be aired this Sunday, on the 14th of March, at 4.50 p.m. on channel RTL. The second episode, "Spuk in Amphipolis I" (Haunting of Amphipolis), will be
aired on next Sunday, the 21st of March, at the same time.
Many thanks to Sonja for the news

12 March

Lucy TV Update

Lucy & Renee News

11 March

Lucy TV Alert for TONIGHT for the US

Lucy narrates a show called "Totally Gayer" on VH-1 - it reruns tonight in the US at 10 pm CT. It's about sexuality in the 21st century. Please check your guide to see the time in your area.
Many thanks to Lisa for the update

Lucy on stage/ fan gathering update

If you cannot make it to the benefit you can send funds to STAGE in the actors name you support. (Lucy Lawless) Make sure they know you are doing this to help and mention Lucy's name so they can let her know.

Checks can be mailed to them at:

PO Box 46514
LA, CA 90046
Phone: 323-656-9069
For those outside the US (and if you are in Oz) you dial 0011 1 323 6569069
Many thanks to Amy for the update

As a further update to donating - I have received the following from Shawn at STAGE - this is for those overseas or if you wish to pay by credit card.

Donations can be made by Mastercard, Visa or American Express through the STAGE website. You need to go and stating how much you wish to pay and credit card details. Also let them know you are a Lucy Lawless fan and you are donating in her name so they can let her know. Or you can call on the above number or by sending checks (cheques) as stated above.

Also you can fax them a note with your credit card details (safer than on the site which isn't secure) and the number is Fax # 323-656-9039 (for Australian fans don't forget to add 0011 1 before the number)

100% of the donations received will benefit 2 very worthy health organizations so let's show them what Lucy fans can do and dig deep.

Message from Lucy

From Sharon:

I told Lucy about all the fans coming to see her at the benefit and showed
her the messages of support coming in from around the world from people who
can't come in person.  She began reading them and then sat right down and
wrote this note: 

"Thanks so much for all your warm thoughts and encouragement.  Everybody needs a little help to get up and perform under pressure so I am going to go out there and channel Xena, the way other people do.  Never tried that before -- not since the end of the show!  It'll be lovely to have in the audience those of you who can make it.  But I'll be receiving all good vibes sent my way.  God Bless,



The following is an update from Sharon about the fans getting together to support Lucy at the 20th Annual Stage Fund Raiser.

Well, I'm hearing from lots of you that you're coming to the benefit and so is the ticket person for S.T.A.G.E. He's a very nice man named Sean and he said he was working until 8pm last night processing orders from all the Xena fans who have been calling in. I just got off the phone with Lucy and passed along this info. "Oh, my God, really!" she babbled excitedly. (grin) I think I found an area to meet in and I'm just going to call the Luckman to make sure they didn't pave over it. Then I'll send out a message. I was also thinking of bringing a balloon to hold. Think that would look a tad strange at a benefit? Ah, who cares. I want to make sure no one gets lost. (grin)

I took the virtual tour on the Luckman Fine Arts Complex web site where the event is taking place. The plaza has a double row of pillars and the front of the auditorium is glass. There are doors on both sides of a curved portion of the front. Directly across from the entrance there is a round sunken area. There are two steps going down into this sunken area. It doesn't look like it's meant to hold water so I don't think we'll need to bring our rubbers (grin) It would be out of the way of the crowds around the entrance doors. I just called the Luckman and they haven't paved over this sunken area and I'm definitely considering the balloon. So this is where we'll meet. Say a half hour before the show and right after.

Lucy & Renee News

The following is from Katherine Fugate:

The following is from Sharon:

Xena DVD News

10 March

Ausxip Multimedia

Warrior Women Update

9 March

Lucy at benefit news...

The following is from Sharon Delaney:

I talked with Lucy this morning and she asked if any of the fans were going to the STAGE AIDS benefit March 12, 13 and 14 in Los Angeles . As you know, she's singing and it's still a scary thing for her to do. She said if I could tell her there would be Xena fans there, she'd feel ever so much more comfortable singing for them. So I thought maybe we could get some groups together and I could let her know we'd be in the audience cheering her on and sending out good vibes We might not all be able to sit together, but maybe we could meet after the show. I'm going all three nights and you can drop me an email at  and we'll pick a spot to meet up perhaps before as well as after the show.


8 March

TV Alert (US)

There's a show on E! in the US TONIGHT called "101 Reasons the '90s Ruled." It's a countdown, and XWP is mentioned. It looks to be a 5-part series. There's a short clip at's entertainment section short clip featuring Xena that includes a bit of an old interview with Lucy, and there's info at According to the broadcast schedule, EOnline Schedule, the shows are being repeated frequently
Many thanks to fitanna for the news


Articles Archive (XWP)

Lucy News

Lucy TV Alert for Aussies


New Interviews

5 March

Lucy News

Lucy to perform at the 20th Annual Stage (Southland Theater Artists Goodwill Event) fund raiser - March 12 -14 (three performances) of The Perfect Year: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Fund-raiser fetes Webber
Event benefits Los Angeles' AIDS Project, Free Clinic
By VARIETY STAFF - 4 March 2004

The 20th annual Stage (Southland Theater Artists Goodwill Event) fund-raiser, "The Perfect Year: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber," has schedule three performances March 12-14 at Cal State U. Los Angeles' Luckman Fine Arts Complex. 

Among the performers are Marissa Jaret Winokur (Tony winner for "Hairspray"), Tyne Daly, Lucy Lawless, Joey McIntyre, Mary Wilson (of the Supremes), Betty Garrett, Malcolm Gets, William Katt, Rod McKuen, Anthony Crivello, Ellen Greene and the Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary Choir & Vocal Ensemble.

David Galligan directs the event, which will benefit AIDS Project Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Free Clinic.

Tickets, ranging from $30 to $200, are available by calling (323) 656-9069 or visit

The Prices are:

Lucy TV Alerts - For Aussies

2004 Xena Convention


4 March

MaryD's Art

Lucy News

Lucy TV Alerts - For Aussies


Lucy Images

2 March

It was Kiwi Night at the Oscars! Congratulations to those across the ditch <g> Especially to Ngila Dickson for her Oscar for costume design.

Lucy News

The following archives have been updated as well as the main image library

New Lucy Image

The Vines & Wines web site has a cool photo of Lucy with Charlie Siebert, Chairman of Vines & Wines which was held last year on 16-18 October 2003. The Fundraiser was to benefit benefit healthcare services, including Healdsburg District Hospital and Alliance Medical Center, Healdsburg District Hospital is the local hospital for the communities of Cloverdale, Geyserville, Windsor and Healdsburg – all winemaking areas. The Alliance Medical Center provides healthcare to everyone, regardless of ability to pay; AMC serves many farmworking and indigent families and sees over 750 people per week. Rob & Lucy are listed as contributers

Lucy TV Alert

For Aussies:

1 March

Lucy TV Alert

Entertainers will feature an interview with Lucy at 4 am (PST) on March 1. Lucy's segment will be on around 4:20 am and will be on after Vigo Mortensen. Lucy Lawless was talking about her role Madame VanderSexx in Eurotrip. It will be on KUSI channel 9/51
Many thanks to MerryAngel for the news

Lucy Update

Xena TV Schedule

ROC Updates

Xena Magazine Alert

For German fans

The german science fiction and fantasy magazine "TV Highlights" feature their march coverstory with Xena. For the start of the sixth season premiere in Germany, they present the Xena chronicle with 15 pages, a preview of season six, three DVD cover and two posters with Xena/Gabrielle and a Callisto one.
Many thanks to Poopyhead for the information




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