Report by Renee

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First let me say, if anyone has a chance to go, you should...We (Xena fans)
meet in front of the Theatre with Sharon & her balloon (which I think flew
away), not Sharon, the balloon. I was great to meet Sharon & all you Xena
fans. Then we went in and the show started.

There were so many (approximately 3.5hrs, with 30 minute intermission) out standing performances. Lucy kicked b**t. Just like we are used to seeing her do.
First she was striking & gorgeous, in a low cut black dress with these
awesome red boots. She came out by herself and sang her heart out, she sang
with such grace.

Then about a minute into her song a threesome of back up singers came out and they all sang together. It was beautiful. I was very proud of her. After the show was over, following Sharon's lead we all met again in front of the Theatre. We were all chit chatting about the performance, and about 10 minutes into it, you can't imagine who showed up. LUCY!!!

She looked amazing, she was so nice, she called us her Xena girls, as in "I've got to take care of my Xena girls." She was funny, and just down to earth. We got some signatures, pictures then she had to meet up with the cast. She was genuinely happy to see us and cared about us. What an amazing surprise... I think Sharon and Lucy planned it all along.

Well anyway I came away thinking she (Lucy) thinks of us, all you, me, all of us, as her Xena girls (or guys) as the case may be. Knowing that only confirms, for me, that the love they all put into making Xena was as real as Lucy is to her fans.

Lucy I wish you the best for her performances this evening and tomorrow, and
whatever you do know there are people out here (regular people) who will
always hold a special place in their hearts.

Lots of love Lucy & God bless you too!