Lucy Lawless Warrior Women Series

Warrior Women - Lucy goes Alaskan!

by KT

Tonight's episode of The Alaskan Lass:

One day this very nice Alaskan girl takes a walk to town for supplies. She
smiles to herself, remembering all the tourists last summer who had
believed her when she answered those dumb questions with a, "Yes, you're
right--this is indeed the mighty Yukon River:

She runs into a handsome Sourdough who is extremely interested in her

She finds herself strangely intrigued by the Sourdough's expertise:

THEN she finds out from those strange words that always mysteriously
appear in thin air, that he is a bone fide gun expert! They smooze, they
laugh, they fire off a few rounds together and they make a date:

(Firing off the rounds):

Not being REAL experienced with dating, she tries to psych herself up for
the evening as she walks the railroad tracks back from Honolulu to
Hurricane Gulch. "If he says this, then I'll say THAT...But what if he
says THIS?":

On the way home, she meets an old friend and they spend a happy half hour
sharing road kill recipes.

Finally back home at the old homestead:

Filing her nails for the big night out:

Sadly, Alaskan grrls somehow never quite get the hang of make-up:

Heading out for the big date, singing soulful country western songs that
she's heard on KIAK, Big Country music out of Fairbanks.

Time goes on and on and on with no sign of the gun expert. She spends
endless hours up a tree watching for him. Unbeknowst to her, he was
attacked by a rutting moose and is currently sitting in a wheel chair in a
clinic in Cantwell. He doesn't want her to see him like that, so he
doesn't keep the date and sends no word. She is bitterly disappointed and

And angry. She goes out hunting for him.

Fade to Black.

Stay tuned for coming attractions!


Be with us next week, as the Alaskan lass tries to convince a group of
tourists that "Yes, that is indeed Mt. McKinley behind me."

As the Alaskan lass continues to lament her bad date luck, "I mean, the
guy never even showed up, ya know? He couldn't even be bothered to send a
furken SUBSTITUTE!", who do we see riding behind her in the background?
Is it the crippled gun expert, now using a wheel horse? Or is it the road
kill dietician brimming with new recipes? or is it a brand new mysterious
stranger coming into her life?

Tune in next week for Lucy Lawless' NEW series, "The Alaskan Lass".



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