The World March For Peace and Non Violence site has posted a HQ photo of Lucy at the Auckland Peace Heritage Walk on 27 September 2009. The event was a rehearsal for the start of the World March For Peace and Non Violence which will begin on 2 October 2009 in New Zealand and circle the globe and end in the Andes in January.

Lucy marched under a Chinese-style dragon made from the sails of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior -- sunk by French agents in Auckland in 1985 -- in the Auckland Peace Heritage Walk around central Auckland.

The site says:

"Lucy Lawless is the internationally renowned actor born in New Zealand. She is widely known for her role as Xena in the hit TV series "Xena: Warrior Princess". Since then she has starred in many films. Lucy is currently campaigning with Greenpeace for the Climate Change awareness Sign-On Petition."

On the picture: Lucy Lawless with Keith Locke MP, Mayors for Peace Vice-President Bob Harvey and NZ Coordinator of the World Peace March Alyn Ware.

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