The following was posted by Greenpeace and sent out via email. No mention of Lucy attending but there are 40 locations around Auckland that she may or may not attend. If you are not in Auckland, the Greenpeace site has a world map and locations for themed events in your country/area.

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On October 24, the International Day of Climate Action - organised by - will cover almost every country on earth. It's going to be biggest day of environmental action in history,so make sure you're part of it!

As the first country to see the sun, it'll be up to New Zealand to kick off the global day in style. There are over a hundred "350"-themed events planned - from planting 350 trees, to dancing in Britomart (Auckland), to human sculptures (Wellington), to impromptu choirs (Christchurch), to school bike rides (Masterton), to a massive Spring Food Festival (Dunedin).

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Like Sign On and the many similar campaigns around the world, these events will all serve to remind world leaders that we need action at the UN Climate talks in Copenhagen in December.

Find out what's happening near you, or make something happen and tell others here. Images of New Zealand actions will join others from around the globe to create a powerful visual statement. These will be presented to world leaders (including our Climate Change Minister), shown on large screens in Times Square New York, and broadcast around the world. Thanks for your support,
Nick Young and the Sign On team at Greenpeace.