Lucy was out and about today at helping kick off a nationwide fund-raising drive to help pay Prime Minister John Key's way to the UN climate talks in Copenhagen in December, with a "Darby Barbie" in Auckland.


The official Sign On Site has the latest with some gorgeous new Lucy photos!

"Some say I'm pretty handy on the barbie after two years working as a BBQ sales technician, so I thought I'd prove this in order to help get Mr. John Key to the ball," said Mr Darby, from outside the Warehouse store in Newmarket, where his sausage sizzle took place. Other Sign On ambassadors, including actress Keisha Castle-Hughes and Lucy Lawless, also took up tongs.

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Lucy said in her blog today in part:

I am off to a Sign On promotion today. Putting pressure on our government reps to come clean on Carbon Emissions policies. Climate Change is The No. 1 issue facing the human race. PLEASE SIGN ON TO A CLIMATE CHANGE GROUP IN YOUR AREA!!