ll-ladodgers0808-022.jpgThis is an interesting idea that was passed along to me today...it would be a cool idea and Lucy will get a kick out of it seeing her fans supporting her tireless efforts with the Sign On Campaign. It will be a nice addition to this year's Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week that had an environmental edge to it. So if you are going to the convention, wear something GREEN! when Lucy is on stage on Friday so she can see a sea of green!

Hey, to celebrate and honor Lucy's tireless work for the environment WEAR GREEN to the convention on Feb.5th! What fun it would be for Lucy to look out onto a sea of green for our Mother Earth in honor of her hard work! Anything GREEN just something! Can we do it! What do you think? If not maybe I will be the only one in green. Go GREEN for "XWP" now "Lucy Environmental Compass"!