Image635031180806774098On 17 April, Lucy took part in the Community Campaign for Food in Schools in Otara. She helped serve breakfast to the children. The photo to the left was posted on AUSXIP on 18 April Photo was taken by Grant Brookes, the director of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation Facebook Page.

Two thousand schoolchildren tucked into Auckland's biggest breakfast on 17 April.

The Mana Party was hosting students from South Auckland schools at Otara Leisure Centre to promote its Feed The Kids Bill. It aims to have breakfast and lunch programmes provided in all decile one and two schools. Party leader Hone Harawira says the bill recognises the importance of having a full stomach to the wellbeing of all children and he's urging all parties to support it when it is introduced to Parliament in June.

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More pictures have emerged from that event: The thumbnails link back to the original source



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