Lucy Lawless Xena Costume head dress from Season 3 Episode The Bitter Suite has been donated to Starship Spring Clean. Starship has asked me to host it on AUSXIP Charity Auction site on their behalf and its now gone live - It's been worn by Lucy Lawless as Xena in Illusia with Callisto.


the other auction item of course is Lucy’s Skype Chat!



Bid on Lucy's Skype Chat here

Lucy Lawless is a passionate supporter of the Starship Foundation and a Starship Foundation board member. Lucy has offered this unique item - a Skype Chat to one very lucky bidder - it's the ultimate fan experience!
This 10 minute one on one skype session with Lucy has NEVER been offered before. This is your chance to get up close and personal with the one-and-only Xena Warrior Princess.

The winner of this auction will liaise with the Starship Foundation organise a mutually suitable time to Skype with Ms Lawless.
Money raised from this auction goes directly to the Starship Foundation.

Support for the national children's hospital is an extra to Government funding and provides for initiatives such as building refurbishments, new medical technology, vital research, boosted family support, preventative programmes and staff training.

If you are from overseas (and not in New Zealand were you can bid on through - here are the instructions on how you can bid:

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