I received the following note about the 2013 Starship Christmas Album. On the 16 October I posted news about Starship's upcoming 2013 Starship Christmas Album which follows up their record breaking 2012 Starship Christmas Album with Lucy singing "Little Child".

Unfortunately due to Lucy's VERY busy schedule she's unable to record a song for the 2013 Christmas Album. Please see below the email from Starship. I reckon it would be still a great stocking filler.

Dear Starship Friends,

Thank you so much for contacting us to say you would like to order one or more of the Christmas Album 2013, raising funds for Starship's National Air Ambulance Service.

We are so appreciative of your support.

Pre-orders within NZ can now be made at www.umusic.co.nz/StarshipChristmasAlbum

There is a small delivery charge if you order online, so if you would prefer to wait for the album to come out in stores (The Warehouse, Caltex, New World), you are welcome to do so.  They are expected in-store approx 22 Nov.

International orders will be processed via the Starship Foundation. I will contact all overseas supporters separately to this email to advise of postage costs to your respective countries.

The artists on the album may differ slightly from any previous notices you have seen. Artists include SOL3 MIO, Greg Johnson, Bic and Boh Runga, Jamie McDell, Anika Moa, Andrew Fagan, Ruby Frost and Peter Urlich.

To all our loyal Lucy Lawless fans, unfortunately, despite everyone's best efforts, we couldn't find a time in Lucy's busy schedule to record a song for this year's album, but she has asked me to pass onto you all that she would really value your support of the album and of her generous friends who have recorded beautiful Christmas songs for it.

If you have any further questions about the album, please feel free to come back to me.

Otherwise, once again, thank you so much for your generous support of Starship.

Kind regards
Andrea Newland

For more info about Lucy Lawless and Starship, visit the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Starship Info Page

If you would like to donate to Starship Foundation, please visit http://starship.org.nz/donation

If you want to order the 2013 Starship Christmas Album, email
Starship on starshipfoundation@adhb.govt.nz