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Lucy Lawless - Locusts! Click to enlarge

Lucy Lawless in the movie Locusts as Dr Maddy Rierdon

Click here to view screencaptures from the movie


Screencaptures from the Locusts Preview clips

Behind the Scenes on Locusts with Lucy Lawless
Many thanks to Sharon Delaney for approval for these images to be posted on AUSXIP.

screencaptures from the TV Advert for Locusts

Lucy stars as Madam Vandersexx, owner of an Amsterdam Brothel Club Vandersexx

Eurotrip Movie - Uncut

Eurotrip DVD Movie Screengrabs

Movie Trailer - Screengrabs - December 2003
20 Screengrabs

Lucy Interview on Official Eurotrip Web site
87 screengrabs

I'll Make You Happy - Lucy had a cameo in this NZ movie

"Peach" (Lucy's first movie)

Typhon's People - Lucy Lawless in one of her first roles

Lucy Lawless on Ray Bradbury Theatre - Fee Fie Foe Fum

Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

Lucy Lawless in the 1991 movie "The End of the Golden Weather". Lucy's role is described as "Joe's Girl".  Screencaptures by Weebod.