Help Is on the Way X Broadway and al lthat Jazz Images & Reports

                            Help Is on the Way X Broadway and al lthat Jazz Images & Reports

Lucy Lawless -The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation  Gala Benefit

Lucy sings at REAF Benefit
2 August 2004




A report by DJWP which looks at how the event went and how fans behaved during the benefit and afterwards
Behind the Scenes of Help is the On The Way with DrummerLiz - a drummer for the the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band which also played in the Benefit.
Cindy/Forevaxena Report

The following is from Sharon Delaney

The REAF benefit was fantastic!  The entertainers were fabulous!  And Lucy knocked the socks off the room!!  <G>  She surprised the heck out of many people in that audience who had no clue what she looked like in real life and that she could sing so well.  Hi five, girl, you done good!

The Xena fans were out in force supporting Lucy and REAF and she sends her thanks to all who made the trip, who bought programs online and made donations to the charity and helped pay for the ad in the program booklet.  She feels so much better when you folks are in the house and thinking about her sending good vibes from far away <G>


REAF has now got pictures of Lucy and other performers from the event! Check it out at
Here's some more Lucy pics on the Xenaversity Site by the Marquessa (gorgeous photos)


The Lucy Lawless Files - Help Is on the Way Benefit - 2 August 2004
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