The New Zealand Magazine Good Issue 7 - June/July 2009 Issue has an article about the Sign On Greenpeace Campaign. It has a two page article/interview with a full size promo pic of Lucy.

New Zealand's own Warrior Princess once played Greenpeace head Bunny McDiamond (Note: Actually she didn't...she played Jane Redmond..see Lucy Lawless Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior Information Page for more about Lucy's role in this movie) in the Rainbow Movie tele-movie. Now the eco-warrior is backing a Greenpeace campaign on climate change. Lucy Lawless spoke to Good soon after her return to New Zealand, after nine years in LA.

You can buy the magazine for $7.90 NZD at the Zinio website or you can view it online at the Zinio Website (click on the Lucy cover and read it online)

New submitted by Barbara Davies

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