Lucy was interviewed on the New Zealand TV Show BREAKFAST via phone. Below is the transcript by Jo. The video of this interview with Lucy should be up on the Breakfast site soon.



Transcribed by Jo for AUSXIP Lucy Lawless

Image634657535382910156Lucy Lawless joins up by phone now. 

Saturday Breakfast:  Good Morning Lucy.

Lucy: Good Morning.

SB:  Can you tell us first of all, you've spent the night on this ship, what's happened overnight and where are you at in terms of communication with the police?

LL: Well the police left us, I don't recall the time, maybe at 1pm yesterday, saying 'you understand you're arrested and how do you feel about that' and we said 'yes, thank you so much for your concern, we do understand that and unfortunately we don't feel we have any choice but to hold our ground'.  We suspect they will be back and um, that's the way it goes.  We have no quarrel with the police, we love em, but we need to do this.

SB:  Lucy, have you personally been arrested, because I understand someone in your group has, but have you personally been arrested?

LL:  No, of course not.  Despite the name, I married somebody with that name, despite the name, I'm not prone to this kind of thing, this is my first arrest action ever, but I feel as everybody else does here, that what's going on in Alaska could really topple things. That their environment is horribly under threat from an oil spill, but you just can't clean it up at temperatures that low and in terms of that remote.  That whole food chain could be poisoned. They still haven't been able to clean up Exon, so its unthinkable what's going to happen there.  Plus the tipping point for climate change will happen within our lifetime if we don't get on it, so its our duty as parents to safeguard our childrens' future.  It would be neglectful not to.

SB:  Are you expecting the police to be more forceful today? They left you at 1 o'clock yesterday.

LL:  Possibly, but the police know that we are a peaceful movement, we don't destroy property, we're not going to cause any damage, except to get out our message. I don't expect that they're going to need to bonk us on the head with anything, you know what I mean.

SB:  Lucy, thank you so much for joining us at short notice this morning.  And we'll be following this story throughout the day.

LL:  Thank you so much

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