As you would expect the New Zealand media(and the rest of the world) is covering Lucy's Greenpeace protest on board the Noble Discoverer. We are going in Day 3 of the protest. Here's a rundown of the press coverage this morning. There is a lot more but they are generally repeating one another.

NZ Herald - 26 February 2012

Lawless foregoes comforts to fight oil drilling

Eco-princess Lucy Lawless has given up home comforts for a second night up a gusty tower with no place to sleep or pee. The star of Xena Warrior Princess illegally boarded a ship docked in Taranaki with seven Greenpeace activists this week to protest oil giant Shell's plans to drill for oil in Alaska. Police told Lawless she would be arrested when she stepped off the Noble Discoverer, which is due to depart on a 6000 nautical mile journey to drill in the Chukchi Sea. But Lawless said the discomfort of her new digs, as well as the threat of arrest, was a small price to pay.

"It's not the Ritz but we didn't come here for a pleasure cruise," Lawless told the Herald on Sunday. "We have a moral responsibility to be here and we are well prepared."

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TVNZ News - 26 February 2012

Protesters weather second night on ship

Gives a rundown of Day 2 and coming into Day 3. Also includes details of the police showing up and basically they are all under arrest and it's only a matter of time as to when they will be taken off the ship. The crew member who was arrested is Ilai Amir (25 years old) and he got off the ship for personal reasons.

Before climbing down he said: "I'm proud of what we've achieved here and I will still be with the team in spirit, as they continue to make sure that Shell hears the message loud and clear - the world does not want your reckless Arctic oil."

Amir was arrested upon disembarking and charged with unlawfully boarding a ship. He has been bailed to appear at New Plymouth district court on Thursday.

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TV3 News - 26 February 2012

Greenpeace activists begin third day on ship

Just a rundown of what is happening and that the protesters are into day 3

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The Sunday Tasmanian (Australia) 26 February 2012

Protester arrested but Xena keeps fighting


ONE of a group of Greenpeace protesters occupying a tower on a Shell contracted oil-drilling ship has been arrested after leaving the ship.

Seven protesters, including Xena:warriorprincess actor Lucy Lawless, boarded the Arctic bound ship, Noble Discoverer, and scaled the 53m drilling tower, on Friday morning.

Aucklander Ilai Amir left yesterday for personal reasons, Greenpeace says.

“I’m proud of what we’ve achieved here and I will still be with the team in spirit, as they continue to make sure Shell hears the message loud and clear: The world does not want your reckless Arctic oil,” Mr Amir said.

Mr Amir was arrested for unlawfully being on a ship, Sergeant Bruce Irvine said.

He was being held in police custody yesterday afternoon and police were yet to decide whether or not he would be charged, he said. Greenpeace says the rest of the protesters have vowed to fight on and will spend a second night on the tower.  The group hope to stop the ship heading to the Arctic and are calling on Shell to cancel its plans to open up the Arctic to oil drilling.  Greenpeace said since they began their occupation more than 96,000 people had emailed Shell in support of the cause. 

Ms Lawless said: “The fact is that if drilling is allowed to go ahead it’s not a question of if there will be an oil spill in the Arctic, it’s a question of when.”

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