Lucy tweeted a photo of herself with a Red Nose in support of the Comedy For Cure Kids show in New Zealand on 23 August. She filmed a spot for the show with Madeleine Sami on the set of SuperCity in LA.

The following is from their official Facebook Page:

Lucy Lawless is taking Red Nose Day to LA!
Watch for her on Comedy for Cure Kids: Good Sports, TV3, 7:30pm Friday 23 August


and Lucy’s tweet


What is Red Nose Day and the Comedy for Cure Kids?

Red Nose Day 2013

Fundraising efforts this Red Nose Day are directed to the Kiwi researchers to improve the health of children through research and its outcomes. Researchers are working to give children a better quality of life and a longer life while they work towards the ultimate goal – a cure. A cure for kids in New Zealand is a cure worldwide.


About Cure Kids

"The lives of all children in this country should be free from pain and illness, but the reality is too many of our children are suffering every day. Cure Kids aims to turn research into hope for the children and their families who live with illness by improving their quality of life, prolonging their life whilst fulfilling our ultimate goal of finding cures for these illnesses."
Vicki Lee, Cure Kids CEO

At Cure Kids, our purpose is simple. Every single day, we’re driven to find cures for the life-threatening illnesses that affect many of our children.

Approximately one child in 30 is affected by a genetic malformation; that’s an average of roughly one in every classroom. We’re searching for cures for, among others, childhood leukemia and other cancers, heart diseases, cystic fibrosis, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Type 1 diabetes and asthma. These conditions and diseases mean children often miss out on a normal childhood and have to learn far too early in life how to fight to survive.

To find out more about Cure Kids visit their website.