Slowly slowly the information is trickling out about Lucy's role as Isabelle Hartley (not Elizabeth Hartley as first reported on twitter). The following is from and is an interview with the executive producers of AOS, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon.

Maurissa wrote for Spartacus: Gods of the Arena for one episode "Missio" along with Jed Whedon. Jed also wrote for Spartacus: War of the Damned episodes: Spoils of War and Balance

HitFix interviews the pair and this is what we find out about Lucy's role:

  • "[She's] a SHIELD agent, longtime SHIELD agent, so she has a history with Coulson (The former agent now Director of SHIELD)
  • How long is Lucy's role in Season 2? Maurissa says it's "an arc" so that means a few episodes!


They talk about Lucy:

  • "She's great, she's badass, she's everything that we love [about] Lucy Lawless. We've been huge fans of hers and we worked with her on 'Spartacus,' so we're just thrilled that she's joining us."


Watch the video here and the full AOS Panel at Comic Con can be found below - the announcement by Maurissa can be found at 12:28 into the video:

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