Anchorage Daily News
Februay 8, 1998

Head line " 'Xena' star tops People magazine's Trendsetters list"

" Xena:Warrior Princess" star LUCY LAWLESS and talk show hosteess ROSIE O"DONNELL are not just entertainers, they're fashon waiting to happen. Lawless topped Perople magazine's Top 10 Trendsetters of 98' list Feb. 16.

The Amazon's contribution: Clean-cut bangs. O'Donnell riunded out the list for "sparkiling new attitude in queen-sized tailored pantsuits" At no. 2 Claire Danes, third, Maxwell, fourth,Winona Ryder, fith Cameron Diaz,sixth, Gwen Stefani, followed by, Brandy,George Strait, and Tea' Leoni"


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