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  • Cinescape Magazine 16 July 2003 - XENA star faces her BOOGEYMAN Lucy Lawless cast in monster flick
  • The Hollywood Reporter - 15 July 2003 on Lucy's new role in Boogeyman
  • Tribune News Service - 16 July 2003  - `Boogeyman' filming in New Zealand.
  • The Western Leader (NZ newspaper) - 24 July 2003. Details the work being done on the "Boogeyman" set and the house that will be used.
  • The following is from The Dallas Voice Community Newspaper - July 2003
    Xena battles The Boogeyman
    Everyone’s favorite warrior princess may finally be meeting a foe she can’t beat: the boogeyman himself. Xena’s Lucy Lawless has signed on to co-star in The Boogeyman, a thriller currently shooting in her home country of New Zealand. Along with Lawless, 7th Heaven’s Barry Watson stars as a young man returning to his childhood home to try to overcome traumatic, boogeyman-inspired events that took place in his bedroom. Not to be confused with the schlocky ‘80s series of Boogeyman movies, this fright-fest comes from Sam Raimi’s (Spider-Man) new horror production company, Ghost House. Raimi used to executive produce Xena, and he’s also got a horror-picture pedigree — he was responsible for such scary movies as The Evil Dead and Darkman.
  • The following is from Sunday Star Times - 27 July 2003
    A host of international and local celebrities have let their creative juices flow to support suicide prevention charity Yellow Ribbon.
    Kiwi stars, including Peter Jackson, Lucy Lawless, Witi Ihimaera and Charlotte Dawson, have also offered a variety of artistic impressions - from red high heel shoes to signatures - in support of Yellow Ribbon. To read more go to,1478,2581581a11,00.html
  • NZ Sunday News - Monster Role for Xena Star - 20 July 2003 - News about Lucy's role in the new Rob Tapert/Sam Raimi movie "Boogeyman"
  • Stars Come Out For Young Disabled
    In an unprecedented New Zealand entertainment event, 16 talented young people with disabilities will work and perform with top local and international celebrities of their choice in a "Stars Thru Their Eyes" event to be staged at Auckland's Sheraton hotel on Saturday 30th of August . Organised by Project StarJam in partnership with the Endeavour Charitable Trust, the show features the likes of Tom Cruise, Lucy Lawless and Dame Malvina Major who star in pre-recorded interviews which will be shown at "Stars Thru Their Eyes 2003". - Click here to read full article
  • Celebrity Skin Unveils Divas Who Dare To Be Dangerous
    It mentions Lucy as Xena:
    "Sword And Sandal Sirens" pays tribute to the barbaric babes who use more than their feminine wiles as lethal weapons. Celebrity Skin clears the battlefield and unleashes the savage sexuality of barbarous beauties including Lucy Lawless in "Xena: Warrior Princess," Lana Clarkson in "Barbarian Queen" and Tawny Kitaen as the Amazon warrior in "The Perils Of Gwendoline In The Land Of The Yik Yak" and "Witchboard." Hold onto your sword, it's gonna be a bumpy ride ...Click here to read the entire press release
    Many thanks to Samantha for the news








  • Lesbian News Vol 28, Number 6 January 2003- In an exclusive interview the actress talks about life after Xena, love, and her lesbian fans
  • January 30, 2003 - Lucy is mentioned The New Zealand Herald. "Mr Forman said Dame Susan made the right decision to step down and other anti-GM celebrities such as Xena star Lucy Lawless - a patron for the Starship Foundation - should also consider resigning."
  • World Vision Update - 17 January 2003 What connection does a young boy in a rural Malawian village have with the hit TV series 'Xena, Warrior Princess'?
    Jailos Batuwell is a sponsored child in the Chata Area Development Programme (ADP). His sponsors are Xena's star, Lucy Lawless and her husband, Rob Tapert, the show's co-creator and executive producer.
  • The Globe magazine scans of Lucy on Tour with Dave - 28 January 2003 Issue
  • There is a small mention of Lucy and the cult status of Xena in an article in the Mumbai Newsline - Powerpuff women of Planet television
    Mumbai, January 12: MULTIPLY the effect of saas-bahu and Ally McBeals on women several times over to figure out the effect that superwomen have on the not-so-fair sex. Yes, we’re talking Alias, Black Scorpion, Dark Angel and La Femme Nikita. Though none of these women have managed to recreate the Lucy Lawless euphoria, with an entire cult following for Xena: The Warrior Princess, they’ve not done too badly for themselves. Click here to read entire article
  • The following is from Waiheke Marketplace Online
    Yes, our Zena can sing. Of course the Americans know that already, having seen her on stage in Grease, but Waihekeans were pleasantly surprised by Lucy Lawless's performance as Dave Dobbyn's 'Special Guest Vocalist' on his Summer Holiday Tour last weekend.
    Click here to read entire review of Lucy's performance from the Waiheke Marketplace Online and also see a larger version of the pic [left]
  • Lesbian News magazine - January 2003 Lucy talks about 'that kiss' and Xena
  • 13 January - The following is from Northland Age online newspaper:
    "Dave (or David Joseph, as he was referred to in the formal announcement) Dobbyn has had a big start to 2003, first being named as an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (for services to music) in the New Year's honours list then a sell-out concert (with Lucy Lawless and Anika Moa) at Kaitaia's Far North Community Centre. There was standing room only, fans of all ages turning out on an uncharacteristically wet summer's night to hear one of the legends of New Zealand music and two of its rising stars.


    "Dave Dobbyn, in high spirits after Sunday's concert in Kaitaia, with Anika Moa and Lucy Lawless. He will be solo when he takes the stage at Wagener Park on Saturday week."


  • 1 January - Yoda and Xena show sparkled. 
    The Regent on Broadway It was a strange combination. A funny looking guy with ginger hair who is a New Zealand rock icon and a female action hero babe who is better known for wielding a sword than a microphone. But Dave Dobbyn and Lucy Lawless looked like old touring buddies at their gig at the Regent on Thursday night.
    Read more of the article online at The Evening Manawatu Standard -
  • 11 January 2003
    Lawless, as uber-star Xena Warrior Princess, has experienced fan worship globally - how do Kiwis compare? "I think (in the US) they are better at whipping people into a frenzy," she says. "But when you meet people one-on-one they're not much different to here. It's just a human reaction. Over there people are rarked up ahead of time so you might get treated like a superstar for 15 minutes between the car and the door, but after that, well everyone is different. They either overcompensate for the way they feel and are incredibly sycophantic or incredibly brusque in order to prove they don't think you're superior."

    Kiwis may be more relaxed about their stars, says Lawless - more likely to say to a tourist "yep, that's Lucy's house down there. Go and give her a knock. She won't mind."

    But, says Lawless, "she absolutely does mind. Go away".

    However, since performing with Dobbyn, a New Zealand musical icon and all round nice guy, Lawless says the public has been much warmer with her.

    "After Wellington a couple of people came up in a bar and said OI really liked your performance' and that's all they wanted to say, that I did a good job, and that's awfully nice. When New Zealanders do come up it might have taken a bit more effort for them to make that move."