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24 March 2005

Double Dare DVD 3 Hours of footage
Price: $21.98 (US$)

We're happy to announce the availability of pre-ordering for DOUBLE DARE, the award-winning documentary on the life and career of Zoe Bell, stunt double for Lucy Lawless during the run of Xena. Xena fans will love this film and all the extras, including interviews with Lucy and behind the scenes stuff on the making of Xena. Place your order today for June 8th shipping! Visit our Xena retail shop online to reserve your DOUBLE DARE today!

17 September 2004

Directed by Amanda Micheli

DOUBLE DARE is a highly entertaining documentary that shines the spotlight on two Hollywood stunt women, Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell. Epper has been in the business for almost fifty years (she was Lynda Carter's double on Wonder Woman), while Bell is fairly new to the game - having worked alongside Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess. The film follows both women as they go through their day-to-day lives, and even offers up some genuine suspense as Bell vies for a career-defining job
as Uma Thurman's double in the KILL BILL movies. In addition to the day- to-day stuff featuring Bell and Epper, DOUBLE DARE also features a brief look at the history of women stunt doubles in the movies (ie men generally filled such roles in the past). Part of what makes the film so enjoyable is the student/teacher relationship that begins to form between Epper and Bell. As we learn fairly early on, Epper's family has
been involved in the stunt business for years (Steven Spielberg reveals that on the set of 1941, "there were Eppers flying everywhere"), and Jeannie spends a lot of time helping Zoe out - even in the realm of training, as Zoe learns how to properly do a stunt dive. DOUBLE DARE shines the spotlight on a mostly unacknowledged but pivotal aspect of the movie industry, and director Amanda Micheli does a nice job of
keeping the tone light and the pace quick.


The Seattle Times - 16 September 2004 Toronto festival: Wine, women, time and space.
"Double Dare," from Amanda Micheli, is an entertaining look at stuntwomen in Hollywood, focusing on Jeannie Epper, a now-sixtysomething pioneer who still does stunts, and young Zoe Bell, formerly Lucy Lawless' double on "Xena: Warrior Princess," now trying to find her way in a business that's as dangerous as it is unforgiving.



14 July 2004

A film by Amanda Micheli

Double Dare is the story of the real wonder women of Hollywood - legendary stuntwoman Jeannie Epper, who doubled for Wonder Woman and is still going strong at age 62, and newcomer Zoë Bell, who got her break at 18 as stunt double for Xena.

Wednesday, July 16th, 7:30pm

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Screening Room
701 Mission Street @ 3rd

Tickets : $7 for general and $6 for Film Arts and YBCA Members.

Advance tickets : call 415-978-ARTS

12 July 2004

Double Dare will be screened at the upcoming Comic-Con convention on 22 July.  5:30-7:00 Wonder Woman DVD—Television's amazing Amazon has a new boxed DVD set from Warner Bros., but the celebration doesn't end there. Now get a sneak preview of Double Dare, the feature film documentary about Wonder Woman stuntwoman Jeannie Epper and Xena stuntwoman Zoe Bell, both of who will attend! Plus, see special rare WW footage from the collection of moderator Andy Mangels and view one of the real Wonder Woman costumes. Sponsored by  and Door prize giveaways include DVD sets from Warner Bros., Back Issue #5 Wonder Woman specials from TwoMorrows, and Double Dare promotional items! Room 6AB
Many thanks to Cassie for the news


3 May 2004

Movie - Double Dare Updates

For those in Boston, US, the 2nd Annual Independent Film Festival of Boston is showing the movie Double Dare. DOUBLE DARE explores the lives of Jeannie and Zöe, the stunt doubles for Wonder Woman and Xena:Warrior Princess, as they face the challenges of a dangerous and male-dominated profession. The real women behind these two world-famous icons are at drastically different crossroads in their lives. One, a grandmother, struggles with the aging process and Hollywoodís dearth of older female roles; the other, a young woman, is brash and unaware of the feminist battles that have paved her way in this notoriously macho field. Featuring Lynda Carter, Lucy Lawless, Steven Speilberg, and Quentin Tarantino.
Screening times are:
Screening #1: 4:30pm - Saturday May 1 Brattle
Screening #2: 7:30pm - Sunday May 2 Somerville


30 April 2004

Olivia Cruises, , is doing a Lesbian Film Festival cruise October 30 - November 6, 2004.  The cruise is a Mayan Caribbean Cruise aboard the Holland America's, MS Veendam Guests will include Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell.  They will also be screening Double Dare on the cruise. Zoe and Jeannie are not listed on the website.  The info comes from the Olivia spring catalog.  If anyone is interested in the cruise, they may want to contact Olivia to make sure Double Dare will be screened.
Contact info:
Olivia Cruises
1 800 631 6277
4400 Market St.
Oakland, Ca 94608
Many thanks to T.Novan for the cruise news

 24 January 2004

There's a short mention of Lucy from an article on about the movie/documentary "Double Dare". ....Micheli found it ironic that when Epper portrayed a superhero such as Wonder Woman, she not only had to change the way she ran but had to stop working out so that her shoulders became as thin as Lynda Carter's. "It's that double thing--you're not just becoming a character, you're becoming the character in the way that the actor is interpreting it," Micheli says. "So it's almost like a two-layered transformation. I know with Zoe on Xena, she was always very aware what Lucy's habits were-- where she would put her feet, how she would land things. [Although] Lucy could land however she wanted, the second unit would always have to match what the first unit did. Sometimes they would have to shoot second unit before main unit, and they were often happening simultaneously, so [Bell] just got [it] ingrained in her, 'How would Lucy do this?' Read More...

26 December 2003

Double Dare t-shirts are now available from the official site.

Double Dare is a double-barreled, action-packed documentary about two Hollywood stuntwomen, Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell. Jeannie, who refuses to retire at sixty-two, doubled for "Wonder Woman" in the 70's, and Zoe landed the coveted job doubling "Xena" at the age of eighteen. With star-studded interviews and rollicking live-action stunt sequences, Double Dare is a candid look at two strong, dedicated women who pursue tough careers in male-dominated Tinseltown.


The following review of Double Dare is by Sharon - 18 November 2003

The movie was awesome!  Zoe and Jeannie are a delight to watch.  So easy and natural in front of the camera.  I could easily have spent another two hours watching their lives unfold.  I had no knowledge of the Epper dynasty of stuntpeople for.  Steven Spielberg uses Jeannie regularly and participated in the movie.  Amanda filmed Zoe during "Last Of The Centaurs" and "Friend In Need" as well as on the set of Kill Bill in China which gave her an opportunity to interview Quentin Tarantino.  It's a nail-biter to watch Zoe audition for the part in front of Martial Arts Master Yuen Wo-Ping.  I hope there will be an opportunity for all of you to check out this movie at some point.  Lucy, Rob, Renee and Steve were there in support of Zoe.



  • In November 2003, Amanda Micheli’s Double Dare received the audience award for best documentary at AFI Fest in Los Angeles.


16 November has the following blurb about the premiere of the Double Dare Movie
OD ( -- Quentin Tarantino, Darryl Hannah, Lucy Lawless and other stars came out for a documentary about Hollywood stunt women at the AFI Film Festival Friday night (Nov. 14).
"Double Dare," a film by Amanda Micheli, premiered during the closing weekend of the AFI festival, held at the Arclight and Cineramadome in Hollywood. The movie is an action-packed story about stuntwomen Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell. Epper refuses to retire at the age of 62 and was the double for Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the '70s, while Bell landed the coveted job of doubling for Lucy Lawless as "Xena: Warrior Princess" at the age of 18 years, and recently starred as Uma Thurman's double in the Tarantino film "Kill Bill 1."
Along with the stuntwomen themselves, other stars attending included Michelle Rodriguez and Renee O'Connor.

13 November

Double Dare at AFI Film Fest Friday, Nov. 14
News from Creation is that the movie Double Dare, the documentary featuring Zoe Bell is opening in LA on November 14, 2003 at 10 pm. Read more about this film and the premiere which Lucy may attend. Read More


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