Lucy Lawless LA Frontrunners June 20, 2004

23rd Annual LA Frontrunners'
Run/Walk for
Gay and Lesbian Pride

23rd Annual LA Frontrunners' Run/Walk
for Gay and Lesbian Pride

20 June 2004

Report by Norma

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Lucy arrived around 7:30 AM. We hardly recognized her, walked passed everyone. She looked so different from Xena. She's tall, very thin with blonde hair and beautiful. I went over to her as soon as I spotted her and I said "Hi Lucy, you look great. She greeted me with a big smile and a hug. "Wow, your costume looks amazing, it looks just like the real one (as she touches my kneepad).

"Thank goodness someone wore a Xena costume, I was afraid I was going to disappoint everyone by not wearing mine." Lucy was so friendly to all of us fans (about 30 or 40 showed up). She signed autographs and posed for lots of pix and
talked to us for about 3 hrs.

She told me that Renee might show up later on but I didn't notice her. I asked her about the Xena movie but denied it, said "it's all speculation." Maybe she can't discuss it for now. Around 8:30 AM, Lucy got on stage to give a little speech to the runners before the start of the race, then she walk over to the starting area and use a blow horn to start the race. After that I noticed Lucy was walking around all by herself with no fans bugging her, amazing. I got 3 rolls of pix mostly her, some with me and her. I got 2 pictures, a Chakram and a poster signed by Lucy. I'm walking on air.

What a day. I'm so happy. . I'm glad I went.

Lucy, you're the greatest!!!!  


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