Lucy Lawless LA Frontrunners June 20, 2004

23rd Annual LA Frontrunners'
Run/Walk for
Gay and Lesbian Pride

23rd Annual LA Frontrunners' Run/Walk
for Gay and Lesbian Pride

20 June 2004

Report by Sharon Delaney
Official Xena Fan Club

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From the smiling faces surrounding me at the end of the Run and Parade, I'm guessing everyone had a great time. Because we didn't know what things would be like, Lucy and I couldn't plan when/how she would be able to get together with the fans. The first idea was that I would call her after she'd handed out the awards at the end of the race, before the parade. But it turned out she had about 45 minutes before she had to do anything for the Run and she just dived in and met everyone then. In fact, any down time she had during the 3 hours she was there, she signed for people and had her picture taken with everyone who asked. It was casual and unhurried and everyone had a great time -- on both sides of the camera <G>

The funniest moment for me was right after I'd arrived. There were already a few fans there and I walked over with my balloon and we were all standing together. The people participating in the race were mingling all around us. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lucy entering through the front entrance. She walked right past me and touched me on the arm and caught my eye as she went by. As I didn't know if she would be free to start meeting the fans yet, I didn't say anything. I just kept an eye on her. When I realized she was not going to be taken away for business yet and was standing about 10 feet away, entirely free, I said to the group with, "Did you see Lucy?" None of them had. She'd walked right past them and they didn't notice! In real life, Lucy looks so different from Xena, that I've frequently told the people in my office she could walk down the corridor and they wouldn't recognize her. And here was proof positive <G>

Anyway, I began to shepherd people over to her and the fun began. I don't think we missed anyone. Marissa Jaret Winokur popped in later and helped her hand out the awards. Then Lucy joined Marissa in the Parade. That was also done without previous notice. The parade people didn't know for certain if she would be able to join Marissa.

Wendy and I decided to find the head of the parade to get some shots of Lucy and Marissa in the car. What were we thinking! It was miles and miles and miles long!! Well, maybe not, but it seemed that way as we kept peering into the distance looking for the starting point. We almost gave up, but plowed on and finally saw the banner for Angel Food, which was sponsoring their car, waiting to join the parade. Things were moving very slowly and Wendy had lots of time to shoot the girls. Lucy was wearing a Karen Walker dress -- for those who are fashion-minded and always want to know the details.

I'd like to set up a page of photos and reports from the fans as I did for the S.T.A.G.E. event. So if you've got pics and/or things you'd like to say, please email/snail mail them to me.

Thanks everyone who came or who couldn't come and donated to the event and thanks to Lucy for making it such a special day.

Official Xena Fan Club


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