Lucy is showcasing (along with 9 other New Zealanders) photos she has taken of places that are important to her on the environment. Lucy, as well as Dave Dobbyn, Jane Hunter, Mils Muliaina, Gaylene Preston, Liz Findlay, Kathryn Wilson, Dame Anne Salmond and 12-year-old Lucia King-Smith from Queenstown, all have photographs in the exhibition.

The photographic works are being unveiled in Auckland this Wednesday, before being auctioned online, with proceeds going to each artist's charity of choice. Illuminate Our Place auction, live on Trade Me from Thursday.

According to the Ecoya web site which is sponsoring this event:



All of us have a slice of this country embedded deep within. A giant landscape or a tiny beautiful plant, a vast stretch of water or a bird that drops in to visit our garden every now and again. Whether down country or just down the road, all New Zealanders know places that to them are as precious as family.

So what if we talked about these places more ? Showcased them. Even boasted about how fantastic they are. This type of illumination will get them in front of so many more people. This bigger conversation then creates greater attention and ultimately protection - which is what we all want for these many amazing places.

This is the thinking behing Ecoya ILLUMINATE, and ten New Zealanders have already agreed to help us start these conversations by illuminating places that are important to them. They're people from incredibly different professions, geographies and backgrounds. They're not trained photographers, they're just like you and me.

Thank you Dave, Lucy, Jane , Gaylene, Liz, Phil, Cathryn, Anne, Mils and Lucia. If all of us do this, then that creates a big conversation about a lot of amazing places which will make us all want to look after them a lot better.

Illuminate your place. And we will all love it and care for it as much as you do.

Nice one.

Geoff Ross
Executive Chairman of Ecoya

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