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  • Australian LOTL Magazine August 2008 - Xena Lives! The leather clad butt-kicking chakram throwing Warrior Princess officially hung up her sword in 2001 when the six year season run called it quits, but Xenites traverse the globe annually to attend Xena get-togethers



  • National Enquirer 16 June 2008. Lucy was featured. The pic is pretty cool - the rest of the Lucy mention was elcrappo so that mention is gone but the photo remains.


  • Lucy's Meet and Greet with Leila & More Concerts Pics
    Recently fans were offered a chance to be backstage with Lucy for an hour during her rehearsal (the cost was $550USD) they spent an hour with Lucy for her rehearsal and took pics - way cool! Now there's a memory that is worth more than the $$ spent :) Way to go and a very classy move by Lucy making this an event for those people.One of those friends was a friend who got the surprise of her life and she sent me her report and pic from that memorable event. Click Here To Read Leila's Report
  • G3 Magazine May 2008 Issue Lucy Lawless from armour-clad amazon to mic-wielding songstress - Scans by Sue
  • Time Out - May 2008 The lesbian icon talks to Time Out about Russell Crowe, 'cowboy' vs 'rock 'n' roll' chaps and her forthcoming capital gigs Lucy Lawless, aka Xena: Warrior Princess: interview Hell for leather: Lucy Lawless prepares to meet her London fans - If you’re out on the scene this weekend and find yourself wondering where all the good lesbians have gone, this time there’s actually an explanation: they’re at the Carling Academy in Islington. On May 3 and 4 Lucy Lawless – star of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’ – will swap acting for singing and perform two intimate gigs.




  • AfterEllen has the first look at the new BSG promo pics and there are two of Lucy that are just gorgeous! Click here to view
  • TV Guide Online says....We've gotten word from multiple trusted sources that Universal Studios Home Entertainment has decided to release Battlestar Galactica - Season 4.0 late this year. Very late, is the indication (but no date has been finalized, as far as we know). We expect it to be timed for release before the broadcast premiere of the second half of the season, as has been done in the past, to maximize sales. The "4.0" package will contain the episodes that have already aired by that time, with the final episodes eventually getting released on a "Season 4.5" set down the road... probably in 2009. Click here to read the full article
  • WF DVD Report - Justice League Review 12 February 2008
    Lucy Lawless is great as Wonder Woman, absolutely flawless. She really brings a commanding presence to the role that I haven't heard anywhere else before
  • More from the same site: While Batman did take me by surprise a bit, by and large everyone pretty much nailed their roles from the start. Neil Patrick Harris as The Flash and Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman were no-brainers
  • Finally! Galactica's Flight Plan Is Revealed
    After what feels like a frakkin' eternity, Sci Fi Channel has announced the premiere date for its Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning Battlestar Galactica. The show returns to our orbit with a pair of back-to-back specials airing Friday, March 28, during the 10 o'clock hour. Up first is Battlestar Galactica: Revisited, presenting essential information on the characters, relationships and major plot points of the series' first three seasons. Battlestar Galactica: The Phenomenon follows, offering a celebrity-studded celebration of the show's impact on pop culture. And oh yeah — the first new Season 4 eppy hits your screen Friday, April 4, at 10. Happy travels!
  • Sunday News (NZ) 4 February 2008 - Lucy Lawless is still on top -
    Lovely Lucy Lawless has topped the LesbiaNation Top Ten Women We Love of 2007. The popular lesbian website lists "beautiful and talented women of all persuasions, artists, musicians, athletes, filmmakers, movie stars and television celebrities". But all of the top 10 as voted for by their readers are TV stars. In second place was Renee O'Connor, last year's winner, who also starred in Xena as Gabrielle. Read more - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news
  • iF Magazine 1 February 2007 Concert Report: LUCY LAWLESS AT THE ROXY ON SUNSET JANUARY 26TH, 2008 - Lucy Lawless returns to The Roxy on Sunset even better than before! Click here to read review
  • Read Christie Keith's wrap-up of the events of the convention. Snippets below, click here for the full article. | Thanks to MET for the info.

    "Another Xena: Warrior Princess convention is over -- this one was the 13th, and that's apparently Xena's lucky number, because from the opening day to the close, and including Lucy's two sold-out concerts on Friday and Saturday nights, it was a love-fest all around.

    Before losing all power of speech, I interviewed Lucy and Renee for a forthcoming article on I also spoke with X:WP writer and Army Wives writer/creator Katherine Fugate (who promised us an upcoming story arc featuring Renee as a lesbian)."



  • Lucy Lawless: The best name ever. So awesome, in fact, that someone named a moon after her. She's not on TV as much as she used to be, and her singing career hasn't produced any top ten hits, but between the acting and the music, she's managed something very very few people achieve: A legitimate career. Also a moon. Don't forget that. | See the site that also has a concert photo.
  • Training, printing and events company WFO Group of South Yorkshire is proud to have received an Invest for Growth grant from Objective 1 - to assist with the purchase of a digital Xerox printing press, affectionately known as Xena the DigiPrintcess! Xena is set to fulfil the digital printing needs of WFO’s growing customer base and offer both great quality and an affordably priced solution.  | Read the full story.
  • Warrior Army Storms gates of Burbank |  The TV show “Xena: Warrior Princess” ended production in 2001, but if Saturday’s convention at the Burbank Marriott Airport Hotel was any indication, the syndicated show’s tenacious connection to its fans has not. | Read the full article |
  • Read Christie Keith's blog about Saturday's concert and read her entry about Sunday's events. | Thanks to MET for the info.
  • AfterEllen.Com's Christie Keith was live-blogging the event, click here to see her blog entries for Friday, click the following link for a report on Saturday's events.
  • L.A. Weekly Music Review - Lucy Lawless at the Roxy DVD Review
    What kind of music would Xena the Warrior Princess make? She would probably belt out something fierce and mighty along the lines of
    rabble-rousing punks like the Plasmatics, the Avengers and Vice Squad, or perhaps echo the spiritually feminine direction of the show's later episodes with rebelliously arty riot-grrl experiments similar to Rasputina, Le Tigre and Marnie Stern. Of course, it's not fair to expect actor Lucy Lawless to live up to her most famous role's persona, and the music on her 2007 live DVD, Gimme Some, Sugar, is more middle of the road than it is heroic or risk-taking. Lawless has a fine voice and plenty of charisma, but she's undermined by a light-hitting backup band, who, like so many of these thrown-together mercenary lineups, lack fire and genuine chemistry (due in no small part to American Idol arranger Michael Orland's treacly keyboards). Lawless mixes in a couple of decent blues-rock originals such as "Down on My Knees" with a karaoke-style selection of "lady love" anthems like "True Colors" and "Delta Dawn," as well as "What'd I Say," which is fairly tepid despite a frisky go-go-dancing guest appearance from Lawless' Xena co-star, Renee O'Connor. Source
  • Sexy Aliens: 17 Heavenly Bodies from Sci-Fi: 
    CAPRICA SIX, SHARON "BOOMER" AGATHON, AND D'ANNA BIERS (Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, and Lucy Lawless) in Battlestar Galactica (2004-present) Cerebral villainy just doesn't get any hotter than this robotic trio,
    who have been vexing humanity since their fellow Cylons wiped out
    mankind in an all-out war. (Okay, maybe Boomer isn't a complete
    villain...but she has done some very bad things.) Source
  • Kiefer Sutherland and Lucy Lawless bring 'Dungeons & Dragons' to life, and you can win a copy! Wizard Universe is giving you a chance to score your very own copy of the DVD. Just sign up for our new Wizard Universe newsletter, tell us why you're a champion "Dragonlance" fan and 10 lucky winners will be taking home
    the "Dragons of Autumn Twilight" animated flick! | Read the full article |
  • More CES 2008 blog entries and photos. CES 2008: Segway inventor and Xena rock DVICE's panel about sci-fi's influence on tech. Yet more images and a detailed report at Oh Gizmo! Another entry in wayzgoose's journal. Images at Celestron.Com. Thanks to Barbara Davies and Charis for the links.
  • Lucy Lawless asks Dean Kamen: Can our technologies become self conscious? "Geek pop stars Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, and Lucy Lawless, aka "Xena the Warrior Princess," sat together on a panel today at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas; and Lawless quizzed Kamen on his thoughts about computers and consciousness. Kamen redirected the subject to the fact that technology empowers evil as well as good, and never actually answered the question." (Tech Talk)  There's a tiny blurry photo on the page as well. 
  • Lucy came in #1, Renee at #2 at LesbiaNation's Top Ten Women We Love of 2007. Kathryn Morris is #10.