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Lucy Lawelss guest stars
 on NZ TV3 'Bro Town

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'Bro Town DVD

TV3 Animated Series
Lucy Lawless Episode: Sione-rella
Air Date (NZ): 29 September 2004

Purchase from (Region 4)

Vale, Valea, Jeff da Maori, Sione and Mack live in the suburb of Morningside and attend the local college, St Sylvester's, where their principal is a Fa'afafine and the PE teacher is legendary ex-All Black Michael Jones.

Vale and Valea (loosely translates to dumb and dumber) are two brothers, living in a single-parent household with their father Pepelo, a benefit bludging, occasional fork-hoist driver with a love of beer, porn and gambling. Vale has a strong social conscience while Valea is more interested in pashing the girls, but both brothers believe in having a strong solidarity with their boys. Sione is Vale and Velea's best mate and fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man, while he constantly looks for ways to impress the girl of his dreams, sixth former Mila Jizovich.

Jeff da Maori lives with his mum and eight dads in a car shell outside the house. He was brought up in the country by his auntie but then moved to the city ‘for better tv reception and because the thieving colonialists stole our land'. Rounding out the group is the softly spoken Mac who has definite gay tendencies and a knack for talking his way out of things but does stand behind his word eventually!

Episode 1 :- Go Home Stay Home
When Constable Bababiba discovers that Vale and Valea have been left home alone, Vale gets sent to a bad boy's home and Valea goes to live with a rich white family!

Episode 2 :- Get Rucked
St Sylvester's 1st XV comes down with a terrible case of food-poisoning and the boys have to play against a star-studded multi-code Old Boys team.

Episode 3 :- The Wong One
Wong from Hong Kong arrives in Morningside and a case of mistaken identity sees Vale kidnapped in Wong's place by the legendary Grasshopper... a hot Asian chick with incredible martial arts skills.

Episode 4 :- Sionerella
Sione finally gets his chance to impress the girl of his dreams at the school ball, but his mother and his rival Rex Ruka do all they can to ruin his chances.

Episode 5 :- A Maori at My Table
The boys go on a trip to Jeff's marae, which turns out to be a tangi, and the mantle of leadership is suddenly thrust upon an unsuspecting Jeff.

Episode 6 :- The Weakest Link
After being run over by a bus, Valea suddenly becomes the brainiest boy in Morningside, and the boys stun the school by making it through to the televised finals of the national quiz show.

Product Information:
• Aspect Ratio: Regular 1.33:1 / 4:3
• Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
• Rating: PG
• Region: 4


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