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  • Cult Times Magazine #74 - November 2001 - Lawless Underwater. Brief article on Lucy's role as Shannon McMahon in the X-Files.

  • NZ Herald 14 November 2001 "Lawless, The Lethal Mystery Woman" - Lucy in the X-files Season opener "Nothing Important Happened Today"

  • Variety Magazine - November 2001 - Lucy Lawless signs deal with Endeavor Agency

  • USA Today - 23 November 2001
    Xena expecting: Lucy Lawless, 33, and her producer husband, Rob Tapert, are expecting another child in late April or early May. Lawless and Tapert (who produced Xena) have a 2-year-old son, and Lawless has a daughter, 13, from her first marriage

  • review of X-Files with Lucy from The Atlanta Journal & Constitution - 10 November 2001

  • The Calgary Sun - Xena Kicks Butt on X-Files

  • Daily News New York Vue 11 - 17 November 2001 "Warrior Mommy"

  • Cinescape Magazine - November 2001 Fox really engaged by the presence of Lucy Lawless who plays the mysterious Shannon McMahon.

  • TV Quick (UK) Magazine - Lucy attended the Elton John and Tim Rice’s AIDA Los Angeles Premiere - 7 November 2001
  • NZ TV Guide - 17 November 2001Lucy's involvement in The X-Files
  • The Atlanta Journal & Constitution - 10 November 2001
    "The X-Files" 9 Sunday on Fox (70782) --- Here's another cliffhanger, but not as captivating as "Malcolm," and a far cry from funny. The show that should have ended a couple of seasons back (I speak as a former, big-time fan) sputters forward. There's not enough of Scully (Gillian Anderson), either. She's largely sidelined taking care of her mystery baby, which leaves the deeply uncharismatic Doggett (Robert Patrick) investigating the drownings of two men by an apparent amphibious killing machine. The latter is played by former "Xena" star Lucy Lawless, and she's the best thing about an episode that has far too many conspiracy theories floating around, and too little suspense. Grade: C
  • People Magazine - Lucy's X-cellent Adventure - 5 November 2001
  • This is an amusing little piece from Entertainment Weekly 16 November 2001...."Lucy Lawless makes out underwater with Agent Doggett, and somewhere Gabrielle's throwing a big hissy fit." Many thanks to Judy for that news
  • New Idea - 3 November 2001 - Lucy's X-Factor Perfect for Powerful Play
  • The following is from The Chicago Tribune - November 8, 2001
    Lawless's character, Shannon McMahon ("Such an American name," Lawless says), could return -- although events in the Nov. 18 episode suggest otherwise.

    Lawless says she did the guest shot "for love" because she respects Carter. But "the others would have to make sense, and a business sense, if you know what I mean. . . ."I know the producers have been very good to me, and I would love to be good to them and their show," Lawless says. However, "you work like a dog for six years and being the star of your own little show. And to go and be a fifth wheel on somebody else's would have to be rewarding in a lot of ways."
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