Lucy Lawless at Stadium of Fire Event
Lucy sings at
The Stadium of Fire Event
2 July 2005


Lucy Lawless - Stadium of Fire America's Freedom Festival at Provo, Utah, USA - 2 July 2005


Report by Chalis

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I currently live in CA but I grew up in Utah. I was a teenager when Xena first aired and I watched it religiously. (Still do ) I always thought that I would have to travel out of state to see Lucy, why would she ever come to Utah. When I found out she was going to be in Utah I couldn't miss the opportunity to see her in my home state. I called my family who still lives there and told them about the Stadium of Fire.

My cousins offered to fly me out that weekend so they could celebrate my graduation from college and I could see Lucy. Of course I jumped at the chance. (My mom kept telling people the whole weekend that the only reason I was there was because Lucy was, I tried to deny that, but it was true.)

Saturday night my parents, niece and I traveled down to Provo to see Lucy. I had brought a couple of things to have Lucy sign for the off chance that I would see her. First it was Debbie Reynolds, then Mandy Moore, Fred Willard said a couple of things and then they announced Lucy. It was something like "Now the most
watched actress on television around the world, Lucy Lawless." I agree with a previous report that she didn't get the thunderous applause that she deserved. She walked on stage and there was a choir behind her. Lucy started off by noticing the little boy who was lost in the mountain for four days. She then went on to acknowledge the hundreds of volunteers who took time off of work to go and search for him. The show was being televised for the soldiers in Iraq, so she also thanked them for everything they are doing. I believe she said the Utah seemed very children oriented so she wanted to sing a song she had written for her son before he was born. She sang her one song which was great and then walked off the stage.

My dad looked over at me and said "She came all the way here just to sing one song." I smiled and said "Yep!" The show went on and a few songs later my mom
pointed out the Lucy had came onto the field and sat on the side to watch the rest of the show. Even though we were in nose bleed seats we couldn't miss her (the blonde hair really helped.) I paid more attention to her then I did the rest of the show. Some soldiers went up to Lucy and talked to her and she signed some things and took photos with them. After about ten minutes or so of this the event organizers roped off the area around her so she could enjoy the rest of the show. She then went back on stage with the rest of the entertainers to end the show before the fireworks started. Afterwards everyone else left and Lucy went back to where she was seated before to watch the fireworks. I was way stoked, even though she was far away I still kept thinking in my head "I'm watching fireworks with Lucy Lawless, how awesome is this!" I thought it was great that Lucy made a point to see the fireworks with everyone else when all the rest of the entertainers left.

Now here comes the sad part of the story, at least for me. After the show ended a friend, Sandy, called me to come and meet her. She was by Lucy's trailer and she
was trying to get her attention. My parents told me to go down and they would meet me by the car. I had took all of the programs and other stuff I had brought to
get signed and walked down the bleachers. I went to the backstage area and couldn't see Sandy or Lucy so I kept walking. Sandy called me a couple of times to find out where I was but I kept missing her. My parents had found Sandy and they were waiting waiting for me to come. When I finally found them about five minutes later they told me that I had just missed Lucy. Lucy had come over and talked with them for a couple of minutes. My mom told her that I was a huge fan and that my mom was grateful that I had picked such a great mentor to look up to. Lucy said thank you. My mom was wearing a Wonder Women t-shirt and Lucy pointed it out and said it was great. The whole time my mom was wondering where I was. She wanted to get Lucy to sign something for me, but I had all the stuff with me. So like I said earlier, by the time I had found them Lucy had left. My mom keeps telling me how beautiful she looks and how kind she was. And all I can do is smile.

I have tried to handle missing a chance to talk with Lucy with grace but it's hard. I can't stop going over and over it again in my head how I kept missing them. I tell myself, if only I would had turn my head left instead of right I would have seen them waiting for Lucy. Every time I go to sleep I have a dream that I am suppose to meet someone but I miss the meeting. But alas I guess it wasn't meant to be. But as always it is so great to have an opportunity to see Lucy perform. I hope she does more things like this.

I know this is long but I hope you enjoyed-



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