lucyhorse-argo.jpgLucy's Resene Horse has a name - Meet Argo Starship Warrior Princess. Here are the latest photos from Lucy with the now named Resene Horse and will soon go on display as part of the Resene Art Fastest Art Exhibition and be sold at auction to raise money for Starship.

You can also help by going to Lucy's Resene Facebook Page, liking it and if it has the highest number of LIKES of the Resene Horses (Lucy is 3rd place at the moment) Starship will get an extra $5000 for the kids

And here is Ursula, Lucy's paint happy dog looking very pleased with herself in helping Lucy paint Argo Starship Warrior Princess!

click on the image for the larger photo

argostarship02.jpgHere's another view of Argo Starship Warrior Princess (aka ASWP) with her painted artwork

Click on the thumbnail for the larger photo

Find out more about Lucy's Argo Starship Warrior Princess on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Resene Horse Page