Well lookee who's back. Argo, Starship Warrior Princess is being auctioned off again to raise money for Starship Spring Clean. The AUSXIP Horse Committee (now branching out in frogs and other assorted animals) has donated Argo to Starship and I'm sure they will find a nice home for her.

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ImageThis is one heck of a beautiful horse. Whilst I was in New Zealand in June I had the opportunity to see Argo up close and personal. The photos don't do this horse justice. They really don't. Alot of love has gone into creating this and it shows. Beautiful work. As to how tall this horse is..let's just say I just reach the tip of her lower VERY tall horse <g> It's also autographed by Lucy

If you want a closer look at Argo, check out the video Jo took when she was on display



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For those interested in shipping her out of NZ, we estimate it would cost around approx $7000 NZD due to the sheer size of her.