Alrighty we have two more items that will be added to the "Bids for Kids" auction listing that Lucy fans may be interested in bidding in addition to Lucy's Voice Mail Message - Information on when these items will be going up onto the Bids For Kids Starship Facebook page will be announced soon

We have Argo Starship Warrior Princess - Lucy's Resene Horse Artwork and Lucy's Matchbox Art which have been donated to Starship for the "Bids for Kids" auction.



Yes Argo Starship Warrior Princess is once again going up for a Starship Auction and this time she is finally leaving the AUSXIP Stables and finding a new home. This horse is the gift that keeps on giving. Argo has raised $11,350 for Starship since she first appeared in the Resene contest.

She's a very quiet guest but she requires some room; she won't need a lot of food but you may feel like patting her every time you see her. She is truly a gorgeous piece of art. She is EXTREMELY tall and the pictures don't do her justice. Lucy did an amazing job with this artwork.

The horse is 229cm long, 50cm wide and 208cm in height and weighs 52kg. It is mounted onto two plywood bases (one for the front hoofs and one for the back) so they stand independent of other aids. The bases are covered in artificial grass.

Argo has been indoors since she was initially bought and has been well looked after. Buyer must collect the horse from where it's currently "stabled" in Auckland.

Here is the video of Argo when she was on display

This stunning aqua blue fibreglass horse has been painted by the wonderful Lucy Lawless in support of Starship Children's Hospital. Aptly named 'Argo' after Xena's horse, Lucy was inspired by the ancient Egyptian faience sculptures of the waterhorse or hippo, most fearsome of all African animals. "I was intrigued by the idea of a 'water-horse',"

Lucy says. "It is a very serene piece and would look good in a garden setting or close to water. It made me feel good to have it around and I wrote words up the legs which seem to me, the components of joy." The words written up the legs are "love" "peace" and "gratitude".

"Argo is a Starship Warrior Princess and I hope she finds a good home somewhere," says Lucy.




IMG083IMG084Fabric wrapped with planting.

Keeping it green, kiwi actress Lucy Lawless used a plant that survives on humid air to customise her matchbox.

Strike is an auction of Matchbox Art created by various artists, designers, musicians and more, especially for Amnesty International and featuring tiny art measuring just 5cm x 7cm created on Beehive Matchboxes.

*** The matchbox contains a living plant****



Starship's 'Bids for Kids' is hosted via BuddyBid, a social commerce application that sits within Facebook.

Chairman of BuddyBid and CEO of Webb's Auction House Neil Campbell says, "Our team has worked hard over the last year to solve the need from brand owners to see better returns on their social media investments while extending their viral reach in an engaging manner. To see BuddyBid being used to raise funds for Starship Children's Hospital is a very rewarding outcome."

Starship Foundation CEO Brad Clark says, "The beauty of these auctions is that anyone bidding will share the activity with their friends, enhancing the viral and international reach of both the auction itself, and the Starship Foundation brand as a whole. And with some of the auctions we have in the pipeline, we're certain there will be a lot interest from people all over the world!"

To bid on the auctions, visit the Starship Foundation Facebook page from Monday 20 May at