Well that was one hell of a morning! Just as the bidding war over dinner with Lucy and her artwork was last week, so this week we had Argo, Starship Warrior Princess going at a gallop to the finish line. My friend Jo was bidding for another friend of ours and the race was on...Argo was sedate at first and then up she goes $1500 $2000 $2400 and up and up and up and the clock reset 2 minutes with each new bid.

it was mega fun to watch but also stressful for the bidders. When the dust settled there was one winner..no, actually two winners. Jo and Starship.

Lucy Lawless' artwork (and that's what Argo is) is a beautiful horse. It truly is and having seen Argo whilst in NZ a few months ago, the pictures of Argo don't do her justice. She is truly a maginificent piece of art.

So far Argo has raised:

$2400 (initial auction)
$5000 (FB Likes for Argo)
$3460 (Auction #2 Starship Spring Clean)

That is $10,860! What an amazing amount of money for this horse. Congratulations to Starship, Congratulations to my mates (the bidder and the winner) and a very big thank you, once again, goes to Lucy Lawless for doing a SPECTACULAR job.