Image634819943262070313Starship and AUSXIP have teamed up to host the Lucy Lawless donated items for the annual Starship Spring Clean. This is open to international visitors. Starship Spring Clean is a unique fundraising campaign that is held in September every year to raise money for the Starship Foundation in New Zealand.


Argo is a full size fibreglass horse that was painted by Lucy in support of Starship Children's Hospital. Aptly named 'Argo' after Xena's horse, Lucy was inspired by the ancient Egyptian faience sculptures of the waterhorse or hippo, most fearsome of all African animals.

"I was intrigued by the idea of a 'water-horse'," Lucy says. "It is a very serene piece and would look good in a garden setting or close to water. It made me feel good to have it around and I wrote words up the legs which seem to me, the components of joy."

The words written up the legs are "love" "peace" and "gratitude". and "Argo Starship Warrior Princess"

Lucy has autographed Argo's belly (see pics)



The horse is 229cm long, 50cm wide and 208cm in height and weighs 52kg. It is mounted onto two plywood bases (one for the front hoofs and one for the back) so they stand independent of other aids.

Argo was originally decorated and sold as part of Auckland Cup Week.She was very kindly donated back to Starship during last year's Starship Spring Clean and now has been once again donated back to help raise more money for the kids!

Please Note: Due to Occupational Health & Safety Reasons the Starship Foundation cannot house Argo at the Starship Hospital (in the event you wish to donate her back to Starship again). Argo has been looked after by her caretaker since 2011 and although she is a very quiet guest and doesn't say much or needs to be fed alot, it's now time for her to find a new home.

All proceeds from this item will benefit kids at Starship through the Starship Spring Clean