It's time to bid farewell to our much loved horse - Argo Starship Warrior Princess - as she is put up for auction one last time. Since 2011 when Lucy hand painted this gorgeous horse, to our frenzied "LIKE" campaign to get Starship that extra $5000 and to the other auctions; it's time to let Argo go.

Trust me when i say this horse is gorgeous; Lucy has done an incredible job with the paint job and the art. Argo has been inside and out of the elements since 2011 - she even has her own stall (and I'm not kidding). She has been well looked after.

You can now own Argo and help Starship as well. Starship's Bids for Kids Auction page is now live although the bidding won't start until 3 June (NZ Time).


Beautiful fibreglass horse painted by Lucy Lawless

This stunning aqua blue horse has been painted by Lucy Lawless in support of Starship Children's Hospital.

Aptly named 'Argo' after Xena's horse, Lucy was inspired by the ancient Egyptian faience sculptures of the waterhorse or hippo, most fearsome of all African animals.

A message from Ms Lawless:

"I was intriguedby the idea of a 'water-horse'. It is a very serene piece and would look good in a garden setting or close to water. It made me feel good to have it around and I wrote words up the legs which seem to me, the components of joy."

These words are 'love', 'peace' and 'gratitude'.

Argo first appeared in the Resene contest. Lucy Lawless painted the horse as part of a competition and the winner would have the winning bid to the chosen charity (Starship).

Argo has been kindly donated to the Starship Foundation by Mary D. Brooks from AUSXIP.com and this beautiful horse has raised $11,360 for Starshipso far.

Lucy's fans combined to get Argo into first place on the Facebook LIKES competition on 10 March2011 which coincided with the Resene auction. Starship won an additional $5000 for that effort. Together with the $2500 from the Trademe Auctionon12 March 2011, Starship received $7500 from Lucy's single handed effort in painting the fibreglass horse. Since then Argohas been "sold"at two Starship's Spring Clean Auctions which raised anadditional $3960.

From Mary D. Brooks: "This year we need to let Argo go to another "stable"and it's going to be sad to see her leave. Please find her a new home because this is one very beautiful horse and Starship and the kids win! Argo Starship Warrior Princess is the gift that keeps on giving."

To view a video of Argo,

- The horse is 229cm long, 50cm wide and 208cm in height and weighs 52kg. - It is made out of fibreglass. - The horse is mounted onto two plywood bases (one for the front hoofs and one forthe back) so they stand independent of other aids. - The bases are covered in artificial grass.

*Please note the buyer must arrange collect the horse at their own cost from where it is currently "stabled"inAuckland, New Zealand.

Money raised from this auction goes directly to the Starship Foundation.

Support for the national children's hospital is an extra to Government funding and provides for initiatives such as building refurbishments, new medicaltechnology, vital research, boosted family support, preventative programmes andstaff trainin