Over the past few weeks, the longest few weeks of my online life, a band of merry AUSXIP Xenites came up with a brilliant idea.

We would combine our many skills and a few dinars and bring Argo home to Starship. Mission Accomplished!

Argo is going home! WAHOOOOOO!

Lucy's beautiful water horse is now home. I can now stop pestering poor Jo who had to put up with me this afternoon
as I got very excited about it and 10 minutes out I had her in stitches crying her eyes out 'cause she was laughing so much because I lost power and had to scramble to fire up my macbook!

Strewth it's been a long campaign!

I'm happy, the Xenites are happy, Lucy's happy and Starship has got more money and a horse! Lucky them!

BTW boys and girls moral to this story is ALWAYS have backup...macbook and wireless wifi - I love Telstra and Apple! :)) I think Jo and I were laughing so much it was just hysterical. Of all the things to happen, this wasn't planned!  

AUSXIP' s new mascot!!!

Now I can relax :)