Aye curumba that was quite a day! Okay for those catching up as to what has happened today. Horse #2 did something I-don't-know-what but they were getting LIKES by the truckload. I received an urgent email from Jo who has been keeping an eye on things so we don't get surprised. Well we nearly got surprised and if it wasn't for Jo's quick email, myself, Sharon D/Creation and Starship all sending out a HELP HELP! URGENT messages and everyone else following it up - we would have been swamped.

We still might be swamped - at the moment Argo and Horse #2 are going LIKE for LIKE with Argo just in front (around 202 LIKES ahead). We have 15.5 hours to go - TOMORROW is the deadline at midday. Can we keep them from swamping us? I guess we will find out.

Here's the latest update on Lucy's Resene Facebook page and Argo's auction tally for today 09 March 2011 at 6:30 pm Sydney time


Lucy is sitting in FIRST place with 3510 (AHEAD by 202). Remember whoever has the most likes of the Resene horses wins that extra $5000.

We really need to spread the word to other facebook pages on shows that Lucy has been in: Spartacus, BSG, No Ordinary Family, to forums (don't spam them, post to your regular forums/boards that you usually hang out in. We don't want to spam because that is just not good net etiquette and highly annoying), to mailing lists etc etc...start posting people!

Remember: If you have created a facebook account to support Lucy - I know we've been saying this for days now but it's all the more important please DO NOT delete it BEFORE 10 March at midday NZ time. If you delete it now, Lucy's numbers will fall because the LIKES will disappear. Delete it after 10 March.

For those coming late to the proceedings...You can help Starship get that extra $5000 by going to Lucy's Resene Facebook Page, liking it and if it has the highest number of LIKES of the Resene Horses (Lucy is FIRST place at the moment) Starship will get an extra $5000 for the kids on top of the auction winning bid.

That's why the big push in getting people to LIKE Lucy's Resene FB page. Starship gets an extra $5000

LIKE the FB Page now
(Cut off date: 10 March 2011 at midday NZ Time)

Argo on TradeMe: $2250(Winning Bid So Far 08/03/11)
(Closes: 12 March 2011 at 2 pm NZ Time) - Bid on Argo

Find out more about Lucy's Argo Starship Warrior Princess on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Resene Horse Page