In addition to Lucy's video blog about the Resene horse - click here to view, Lucy has posted a new written blog about her visit to the 2011 Xena Convention. Renee's movie "Infinity" was shown and everyone was emotional - Renee's movies do tend to pack an emotional wallop (I remember watching Words Unspoken at the 2010 Xena Con and that had to be the most emotional I've ever seen the Xena crowd to be (other than giddy with joy). Renee's films (films she actually has a hand in creating) are very powerful. In my opinion that makes them absolutely fantastic whether you like or dislike the content, they will make you think and feel. It would be absolutely mind blowing to have Lucy star in one of those Renee written/directed films.

Now back to Lucy's blog... Lucy came right at the end and it seems she misunderstood what had happened. Easy enough to do. Go and read Lucy's blog.