As you all know Lucy is painting a horse for the Resene Fastest Art Exhibition. Now this is where we (the fans) can help. How often do I beg for you all to go and like a Facebook page? I don't think I've ever done that before. If it looks like I'm begging..I am (and believe me, I never thought I would beg for someone to "LIKE" a facebook page but this is Starship and it is Lucy so...go LIKE!)

If we can get the most ‘likes’ of all the listed horses in this horse race then Starship will get $5000! That's an EXTRA $5000 on top of the auction price that Lucy's horse goes for. Not bad for a little clicking ... yes? YES so please go and LIKE the facebook page.

She's currently in 3rd place (and on just checking there is 838 people liking her facebook page). We need alot more than that so please go to your facebook account and log in...

then go to

and Like the page. That's all. It's painless and it will make you feel good knowing you are helping Starship just by a single click!

You can also check out two Lucy videos on the progress of her painting the horse:

Lucy Video Blog #2 – The Progress of Her Pony
Posted on: 5th February 2011

Lucy Video Blog #2 – The Progress of Her Pony

This is the second video blog by Lucy and it’s the progress of her horse (with no name yet). You can also catch the first video blog where she introduces us to the tall horse. Posted with Permission

Lucy Video Resene Blog – Introducing Us To Her Horse

Posted on: 3rd February 2011

Lucy Video Resene Blog – Introducing Us To Her Horse

Hi, Lucy Lawless here. Just got back to NZ and thought I’d post this video blog. I’m looking for inspiration for how to paint my horse for Starship – any suggestions? You can offer Lucy your suggestions on the Resene Facebook Page | Posted with Permission

You can find out more about Lucy & Resene Fastest Art Exhibition on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless