Oh goodness gracious me. It's evening in Sydney at 7:00 pm and I have no FB LIKE page to check..what will I do...hmm I'll post an update to all the days events...and there will be absolutely no more FB LIKING page check in my near future (UNLESS it involves Lucy and Starship)

Watch Lucy Lawless Thanking The Fans - New Video now up on AUSXIP Video Lucy Lawless Channel

Now where were we (other than pulling our hair out and hoping that the kiwis would go to sleep and stop LIKING Horse #2 and the rest of the world would wake up to start LIKING their little hearts out for Argo).

We pretty much won it yesterday with Argo's counter-punch, we matched them like for like from the rally call onwards and then we held and pushed ahead slightly overnight, even though we feared the worse when they kept going yesterday evening.

Goodness it was nerve wracking!

At 10:30pm last night it was 3545 vs 3367 (diff of 178)
At 5:30am today <we were punching the air as we were ahead and not behind>
it was Lucy 3696 vs Amanda 3472  (+224)
At 7am it was 3723 and 3475
At 9:05am it was   3765 vs 3500
At 10:39am it was 3796 and 3532
At 11:17am it was 3805 and 3546
At 11:56am it was 3817 and 3563

And HUZZAH we won! I was doing a happy dance in my office (I believe Jo has threatened to release video of me dancing but you poor souls might go blind so I'm urging her not to!)

Now in all the celebrations of Argo winning we do have to remember that the other charities lost out. Amanda Billing's horse which was going to the Child Cancer Foundation lost out big time and that I'm not happy about that. The Auckland Racing Club should give the two top charities $5000 each for all the work that they did - it really is only fair. If you want to donate to the Child Cancer Foundation please do so.

It's one of the reason I detest these contests because you have losers as well as winners and this time there 17 horses and charities that didn't win.

At the end of the day New Zealand kids won, let's hope the Auckland Racing Club.also gives some money to the Child Cancer Foundation; it's only fair.

To re-read the insanity that was the last few days..hop on over to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Argo Resene Horse Page

Thank you everyone for doing a mega fantastic job and I want to take the time to thank my awesome sidekick and mate Jo from NZ who kept me updated when I wasn't able to check throughout the day.